What kind of crap is this?

Year of the Snake:
Letting the creative juices take over is a good thing today (I do every day! Well, that’s what I call it when I’m day dreaming). Get lost in the music (I dig the music), get dirty in the mud (What the hell, I’m in), get wild with the wind (Sheeit, I get wild in the wind, the sun and anywhere else). Once you’ve exhausted yourself, you’ll probably find a work of beauty has emerged from your willingness to just let go (hmm I’ll let you know about this “work of beauty.”

You’re thinking big right now (I’ve been trying to! I think I’m headed in the right direction, finally), so make sure that your philosophical meanderings are aimed in the right direction, more or less (All you can do is try to aim it in the right direction, but I find that “right” is pretty subjective). You don’t have to stay inside the box, but you should keep it in sight.

Your finances are getting to be a bigger issue in your life right now (MORE? If my finances become a bigger issue I’m going to have to resort to prostitution), so conservation should be a high priority starting today. There’s no need to drastically change your lifestyle, but a few nips and tucks here and there might be a good idea. Go for the tall coffee, not the grande (I make my own coffee, I don’t go to Starbucks). Brown bag it for lunch for one week (I cook my lunch in advance and pack it so I don’t have to cook often during the week). Maybe public transportation isn’t so bad after all (Ever been to Dade County?). Tiny changes will give you new experiences while helping your wallet, so check them out!

You have to step outside your comfort zone (if you have one) (I don’t have a comfort zone) and show the world that you’re not afraid to take risks (ha! The world knows that about me already. I’ll risk anything if I think it’s right. Right down to life. I mean once you die you have no problems anyway) Someone cute is sure to take notice, so keep those eyes open!

You’re totally tuned into the nuances, the subtleties and the quirks of a certain someone (No. Not really. Plus, you can’t make assumptions when dealing with women. They’re weird). Use your romantically charged observation to steal them away (Steal them away? From whom or what? I don’t steal. If you’re in, you’re in. If you’re out, you’re out. Choices/consequences and move the fuck along) With a word or a glance, let them know they have your undivided attention (I look at your eyes when you speak anyway. You know when you have my attention. Or when you’re boring).

Career & Finance:
You want to rush ahead with your career but you just can’t. Don’t give up, though (Never, bitch. This is Sparta). Promotions don’t come overnight (Promotions? In my current job? Doubtful). You’ll only reach ‘hero’ status if you hang in there (I’m already a superhero).


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