Salads and Pizzas

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Someone wrote this a while back and I saved it. I found it fantastic.

This was written by a female referring to the good guys vs. the “bad boy”. I think it applies very well to the girl you would date and the girl you would hook up with for a wild time, but not introduce to your mother.

“There are two types of men: the Salads and the Pizzas. The Salads are decent and fulfilling. The Pizzas are bad for you, but satisfy you in a way a Salad never could. You know the Pizza is gonna give you heartburn/diarrhea/thunder thighs, yet you still indulge. You could try finding a Salad-flavored Pizza, but it’s not the same. A Pizza will never be a Salad, no matter how hard you try….”

Which one are you??



  1. If only wordpress had love buttons- lol….I loved this. Thanks for sharing.

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