I may as well.

So I’m about to go make myself dinner (and lunch as I cook in advance either because I’m awesome or lazy) and watch TV. I figured I would share some minor things.

  • Yet again my 20 year old employee asks me if I have a girlfriend yet. I explained that I didn’t want one and she said I was going to end up like her uncle: in his 40’s and alone. That was fucked up. All I said was that I had a friend I had hooked up with and that I had to let them know I wasn’t ready for a relationship. It seems that in my employees eyes I will die alone. It’s just as well. I’m uncertain about trusting quite like I used to. It may be better this way. Maybe I’m not made for that shit.
  • I just started parts of my workout today, though I’m still exercising my elbow. I found out that doing ab workouts after such a long period of inactivity is a painful experience. It’s cool, though. It’s about time I got the workout going again. I started tracking my weight again and one day I’ll find the tape measure and keep track of my size loss. I need to get my ass down to about 175lbs.
  • My friend and fellow smoker at work is moving to another property so this is my last week with them. Of all the things I have changed, the hardest has been the smoking. Sometimes it seems it’s the only thing keeping me sane. I am going to give it another shot after this weekend. Maybe I will be able to quit after all. My track record for that sucks, though. I have a book I ran into for quitting smoking which is pretty neat. I’ll have to read that again.
  • I’m still doing my low level ass math. It’s funny to start from the bottom and move up. It’ll be what it’ll be. Price to pay.
  • The potential job still hasn’t made a decision. The rival candidate was rescheduled until next Monday so I won’t know until Tuesday at the earliest. They’re KILLING me. I need this. Not only for the obvious reasons, but it’s a great symbol of the new start I want.
  • Funny. I’m getting a lot of attention lately. Turns out that when I don’t want a relationship and I’m feeling less than friendly, people seem to gravitate towards me. Very peculiar.
  • I’m a little terrified that March is already here. That means my birthday is coming up (April 27). I REALLY thought I would have been doing something different this year with my birthday, but it appears I’ll do my regular Houdini routine of disappearing. That day is a Saturday so maybe I can take the day off and go to the pet-friendly beach with my Shnauzers, some Corona’s and some music. The phone will be off and I’ll just chill there. Maybe bring some food and spend the majority of the day there, but disconnected.

I’m going to go make my dinner, eat and nurse my abs. Until next time….


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