Lee-isms March 6, 2013

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I don’t pretend to have created all or any of these. I just want to start sharing some things that are part of my regular vocabulary.

Two Piece: An act of violence where you finish a fight with a two punch combination.
Sample: “Damn, he got his ass beat. Did you see him get two-pieced?”

Two Piece & A Biscuit: A flattering description of someone who is extremely attractive. You let them know that not only are they hot, but they’re delicious like your favorite fast food order #2. You add emphasis by loudly sucking your fingers as though you’re tasting food.
Sample: “You are delicious, like a 2 piece and a biscuit!”

Bitchtified: This is an act where a male or female (usually male) did a turnaround of their attitude and became scared.
Sample: “I knew he wasn’t going to tell the boss anything. As soon as the boss walked in the room he got bitchtified.”

Hotdog In A Hallway: This term is used exclusively to describe a sexual encounter from a male’s perspective when things do not quite go as planned (this could be due to the guy or girl).
Sample: “No, man. I didn’t feel anything. That was like throwing a hotdog in a hallway.”

Curtains: This statement is specifically used to let someone know that you mean business and that they will reach an end similar to the closing curtains of a play to signify the end. This could mean to stop their actions, knock them out or kill them.
Sample: “Hide whenever you see me. If I see you again, it’s curtains.”

Nickel or Penny: Applies to the urban ranking of hotness. A “dime” is a 10 out of 10, but a nickel let’s people know that the girl is a 5 out of 10 and a penny 1 out of 10.”
Sample: “Look at her walking around like she’s all that. She’s barely a nickel and her friend is about 3 pennies.”

Ruining My Flow: A sudden interruption that makes you lose your concentration, train of thought or ruining your chances.
Sample: “Why do you have to butt in? You don’t see me talking to her? You’re trying to ruin my flow.”

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