At work. Very slow day. Let’s see what my day holds.

Year of the Snake:
You’re feeling pretty sexy lately (um.. no. Not necessarily. But I’m starting to regain some confidence). Got romance on the mind tonight (Depends on your personal definition of romance. Perhaps I do. Nothing really exciting is likely to occur today, though)? If you’re already attached (to what?), you could get the attention you’re looking for. Single (like a dollar)? Expect to wow a crowd just by being your charming self (Damn. “wow a crowd? Sounds promising. I’m ok with wowing just a couple of people).

Someone is trying to stare you down (Let them. Just  do it in silence. Don’t get brave) or take your place (Take my place. I’ll give it to you. But if I didn’t want to, you couldn’t take it from me)— and you need to step up your game if you want to win the day (I’m good. I don’t step aside, I step up). Fortunately, you can count on a close ally to come to the rescue (not many allies  these days)!

One of the more flamboyant people you know is suddenly acting a lot more conservatively and it’s piquing your curiosity big time (I can’t think of a flamboyant person I know. Either way. To each their own). Their change in behavior could be because of a new job, a new problem, or a new relationship — and you need to find out what the deal is today before it drives you crazy (I truly don’t need or want to). Shoot them a text or email that casually asks them ‘what’s up’ and then take it from there (I refuse). Make sure they know that while you might miss their old ways, you’ll always support the path they take (that’s not necessarily true).

Big ideas are coming, and you need to be ready for them (I was born ready). It’s one thing to try listening, but another to really try things out and see what happens (I prefer to analyze it, over-prepare and then do it). Experiment and work with friends to go places (Where shall we go? Who’s in?).

Someone’s outfit, or maybe their behavior, or even just what they’re saying — it’s as if they’re trying to get you all scandalized! There might still be an unexpected appeal in someone so different from you, though (I’m consistent. I have been attracted to the same people for quite some time. In a twist, it seems those are the ones I can’t quite seem to reach though. Fuckers)!

Career & Finance:
If work is what gives you your true sense of purpose, then do what you can to come up with meaningful activities (Fuck my job). You just may stumble across one that gives your weekends the same weight as your workweek  (I work Saturdays. Fuck my job).


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