Time to get fit!

Well, I gained weight again from when I got an elbow injury. I basically stopped working out completely. The elbow still doesn’t feel all there, but I can’t wait. You don’t know how much weight you’ve lost until you’ve gained it back. I was speaking with a friend as she wants to lose weight as well. I told her that in order to force myself back into my routine and to make sure I can’t fall off again I was going to track it and put it on my blog.

In the past I did well with healthy eating, calorie counting, running and weight lifting. I moved away from the running due to some other ancient injuries and stopped lifting weights due to the elbow. I replaced the running with cycling and will only do ab work until I can lift weights.

I’ll re-post this just to ensure my progress or lack of, is visible to all. It does make me feel a little anxious, pressure and a tiny bit embarrassed, but screw it. I’ve done worse things. Far worse things.

Date: I forgot, 2013

Weight: 192.00

Date: March, 6 2013

Weight: 189.2

March 9, 2013:
Days ago I did abs. I was convinced that I didn’t have stomach muscles anymore. I was sure my stomach only held fat so that if I chose to hibernate I could get nutrition. Turns out that somewhere in there are muscles. I know because those fuckers hurt. Good pain, though. Yet again today I’ll be eating healthy (looks like I’ll cook some fish with some steamed vegetables). I have some boring math work to be done (I just came in from work. I got out of my work clothes and have been walking around in underwear. I refuse to get dressed for now) so I’m about to get off the computer, do my math work, do some therapy on my hurt triceps and then go out on a bicycle ride. Once I return I can cook and eat dinner. Maybe put some action movie on. Not much fun overall, but whatever. I THINK I’m aiming for 175 lbs. or 170 lbs. We’ll see how this goes. Stay tuned because I’m really good and slipping with this.

March 13, 2013
I continued with my healthy eating, but I ate a bit too much. I’m already at the point where I feel like if I had cheated on a spouse if I eat unhealthy food or eat too much. It’ll take some time but I’ll get used to it. Funny, right now I’m about to buy a bottle of wine. I know.. not healthy but better than whiskey or beer. Plus, I am now saving my calories for booze as a girl once told me. I got in too late today so rather than starting weights (I’m actually very scared to) I’ll cycle again and do extra to make up for the wine. I hate having a wine tooth. What I usually do for food during my day is that I have coffee and fruits for breakfast, healthy lunch (lean meat, chicken breast, vegetables, fish, wheat pasta, minimal rice) another fruit snack later in the day and eat healthy for dinner. I’ll weigh myself on Monday. If I haven’t dropped a tiny bit I may resort to smoking crack.


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