My civic duty again.

I thought I was lost. Turns out there are way more confused people than me.

Is a girl that is 12 years older than me a too big of age difference? There is this girl that is 30 and im 18, she looks young, shes attractive, and we get along very well and have much in common. But is 12 years too much?
The girl is 30 and you’re 18? What do you want her to do? Help you do your homework? You’re dreaming. Keep on moving.

How can I stand up to a bully without getting beat up?
When you stand up to someone you have to be physically and emotionally prepared to lose. Once you conquer that fear, you’ll be fine. You don’t have to win in this case. You just have to be too much trouble to be worth the effort. Sneak up behind the bully and punch them in the back of the head. He’ll look for you at some point and you’ll have to defend yourself, but that’s ok. Win or lose he’s unlikely to try that again.

Why do girls only like bad guys
That’s not true. They don’t only like bad guys. They like hooking up with the bad guy and marrying the good guys. The reason for that is that the bad boys are much more fun than you. Bad boys provide a level of excitement that you have an inability to.

Is it wrong to cheat on your wife if you know she’s cheating on you?
Moron. One brief sentence with a few key words. You answered your own question. First: If you have to ask, you already know it’s wrong. Second, she’s still your wife. Just because she’s cunty doesn’t mean you go tit (hehe) for tat. It’s time for a divorce and you don’t even have to stoop to any low level. I bet the other guy is a bad boy.

How many boyfriends has Taylor swift had?
Who gives a shit? And even though she’s tall, skinny, lanky and her eyes are set a little too far from each other (like a grey alien) I would hit it because she’s rich and famous.

Grey_alien_30 taylor-swift1

Is it normal for a husband to not let his wife hold his phone?we been married for 19 months now but i dont know why he dont let me hold his phone
If you ask, you know the answer. Why do you feel the need to hold his phone? That aside, if he had nothing to hide, he wouldn’t care much. He’s up to no good. If someone looked through my phone A LOT of people would get busted.

I found my boyfriend and best friend kissing but they don’t know that i saw them what do i do?
Simple. That is not your best friend, friend or even acquaintance. That friend no longer exists. Break up with the guy, eliminate the friend from your life and move on. They deserve each other. Trust me, that’s the formula for failure on their side already. Always try to take the high road. There’s less stress and drama.

Is it wrong to open up my boyfriends mail?
You mean aside from the fact that it is a Federal crime? Who uses snail mail? Why are you opening shit that doesn’t belong to you? Riddle me this: Would it be wrong for him to open your mail? Answer that and you’ll have your answer.

how do i get my ex girlfriend to take me back if she already has a boyfriend after a few days we broke up?
Now this is simple. If you broke up and she already has a boyfriend that means that the chronology overlapped and she was cheating on you. Trust me, you don’t WANT her back. Count yourself lucky that you’re STD free and that you rid yourself of a cheating girlfriend. When that relationship goes up in flames, she’ll reach out. Then you can get the pleasure of rejecting her.

how can karma come back to you?
Karma doesn’t exist. That is a fictional creation by people to try and justify behavior. If karma existed, there would be no need for prisons. I’ve seen good people die badly and bad people living a good life. This is bullshit.

Which religion is right?Everyone keeps telling me about their beliefs. Please tell me what you believe and why.
None of them.

Is hell real?
You mean the land of magic, demons, sulphur and flame? ┬áNo. It isn’t. Believe in what you can see, touch or feel. Trust nothing. Question everything.

What’s a jehovah witness ?
The people who test their luck by knocking on my door and leaving me papers with religious crap on my patio.

Is it more important to love or be loved?
If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone. You think you can, but you can’t.

How do I get over a guy that I still like?
I dunno. Under someone else or on top of someone else my dad always said.

What does this Confucius saying mean “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones?”
This is perfect because I, too am a philosopher. It means that before you can take on a giant, seemingly impossible challenge you need to have a minimum amount of courage, which requires you to have at least small testicles.

  1. Q-CHOO says:

    OMG!!! love it…thanks for the laughs!!

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