I have had a conversation with a friend a while back regarding my blog. From there it turned into my personality.

* I am still waiting on a few responses (get on it already) but as I have been asked over and over about this post, I’ll put this up and follow it up with part two when the procrastinators email me *

My friend gave me some compliments and rather than accept them, my cynical side said that I was certain there were equal amounts of people that love me and people that hate me. I said I didn’t care about the general consensus because of that. Even if I did care, I’d never know.

With that in mind I went on the mission of requesting a handful of people to send me a brief paragraph describing me as if they were describing me to someone else. Someone that didn’t know me. Ultimately the goal was just to see from their eyes. And comment, of course.


If i had to describe Lee to someone i would tell them that he’s very intelligent (why, thank you! it’s contentious, but thank you) with a unique sense of humor (Unique? That’s a very interesting choice of words). He has a strong personality, maybe even a little cocky (I don’t know. I think I have left that, but I’m not certain). He’s an honest and loyal friend (I try to be, but that’s always a gamble. It’s the ones you expect the most from that tend to fail you). Lee was athletic (WAS. I’m trying to be a fraction of that these days) and popular in high school (don’t forget college. Also, I think infamous would be more accurate), and I think he played football (Benched in high school, played in college. One day I’ll share the story of my high school football experience. It was an eye opener on politics, human flaws and ignorance). He’ll forgive me for my fuzzy memory though. And I wasn’t popular by any standard in High School Hell and he didn’t bully me (Why would I??). Lee jokes and teases but I always found him funny (You have a great sense of humor and a greater appreciation for great sense of humor). Some people who are overly sensitive might get their feelings hurt though (They often do. Particularly when I go for the shock value). He did have a reputation of being a ladies man (ManWhore, actually. I was such a dick), but we never dated (You were so hot. First year of college I was dying to get my hands on you) so how much can be chalked up to rumor, gossip, and heresay (That shit was true. If anything it wasn’t accurate enough. I look back and I cringe at my behavior. The number is so high that people would think I have three penises)? Brown eyes, Brown hair, and light brown sugar skin (I sound delicious) so now I hope I’ve sold Lee to the top bidder (Ha! No, no, no. No high or low bidder. I’m quite satisfied currently being a solo act!) *wicked grin*


How do I describe Lee (This sounds almost philosophical)? When I first met him I thought he was a little punk (I really was. But you were this petite, cute cheerleader and like everyone else it was really easy to be nice to you)! But as I got to know him he was a pretty good guy and funny as hell (I’ve found that being funny in High School sucks. I mean, I used classes as my personal standup crowd to perform to. Not everyone was amused). He’s witty and sarcastic but a sweet guy as well (You have to take the bad with the good, I guess. Wit and sarcasm are an art.). I remember he always used to make me go first up the stairs when I had my cheering leading outfit on. He thought he was being slick but I knew what he was up to (What if I was doing it because I was being polite? Ladies before gentlemen and such and perhaps it just happened when you had your cheerleader outfit – do you still have it? Screw it. Yeah, letting you go first gave me a great view). Over all he may seem like this tough guy on the outside but he has great character with in (That is very sweet. I would make out with you for that).


A quite tan, or brown individual (HAHAHA I love that my brown jokes stick – my mom doesn’t like them), that may or may not believe that the world revolves around him (I don’t. I did, though. I had the most delusional sense of entitlement on the planet). He is the type of individual that says “jump” and gets pissed when you don’t (I fight that all the time. I am impatient and still think that nobody can get things done better than I can. I have a hard time trusting people to do it. I’m working on that). Although he is rather sexy (Well, thanks, doll!) and well packaged (Well, packaged? You make it sound like I come in a box. But thanks! And you happen to know first hand – no pun), he allows it to fill his head (I do not! I just know what is and what is not. I can’t and won’t lie. If I talk trash it’s only because it’s true and I’m prepared to back it up. I don’t bluff for a minute). He is quite entertaining with his witty personality and outlooks on life (Really? I think it’s one of the few times that my outlook on life has been mentioned. Glad you find it entertaining!). I would say he is generous (I am and it goes by unnoticed) but we all know….he is normally on his own mind (My mind is a very interesting little planet. I rule with a latex fist).


Let’s see…  In elementary school you were a little prick (I started early) that I loved to hate! I hated you (You were in good company)! You were so mean (And I only got worse as I got older) and thought you really had it going on with that frickin red jacket you always wore!  (Look that was like my Superman cape. Let it go. )(Sigh)

I didn’t see you much in Jr. High or High School (Now that I think about it, I don’t remember seeing you much through that either), I think we rode the same bus (I know we did in elementary, I’m not sure after that. Wow), but I didn’t care about you anyway (hahahaha I didn’t care much for me either). I might of seen you in the hallways a couple times (In Jr. High??), and thought to myself “why the f*** is he still wearing that red jacket?” (I think that ended 7th grade?)or “this prick is still alive?!” (Somehow I managed to stay breathing) (Laughing)

After a couple years of not thinking about you, this Facebook thing came along. I don’t remember if I friend requested you or you friend requested me (I really don’t remember either. I see our memory is pretty spotty. What were YOU doing during that period?) ! WHO CARES now! I love you..and always have (I love you too!) !! You’re one of my oldest friends (It doesn’t get much older than that. Any farther back and we would have to come out of the same vagina), and I enjoy every minute of your rants on FB (Why, thank you! And I always like your commentary on it). When I can’t sleep at night, I know you’re the first one that I message and can have a cigarette with (Yes. And in underwear. Now it doesn’t even bother me to do that). Oh by the way, I quit smoking 2 months ago! (No shit? Good for you! I told myself that once I smoke what I have left I’m going to give it a shot again. Bad fuckin’ habit. And not cheap.) (Awkward smile)

Anyways, Sir Tilc, master, or whatever you’re calling yourself nowadays (Emperor, Sir Tilc, Greatness), I LOVE YOU my brother from another mother! (I love you with my black little heart too!!) You’re soooo sweet (You are too!! Keep up the non smoking and I’ll keep you posted on my progress. You fuckin’ rock). Muaxx! (Did you just slip me the fuckin’ tongue?) (Fuck off) 😉  (Sure thing. Right back atcha)  🙂


What’s up fucker (Hey right back, fuckerette!)!! Here it is:
Lee and I both went to the same high school back in Panama. We were classmates in junior high and high school, which seems so freaking long ago (It only seems like it’s been a long time ago because it is). It’s been about 20 years since I’ve seen him – wow, that makes me feel old as dirt (hmm.. so far this one is not going well). What I remember about Mr. Eliecer, was that he was a pretty cool guy that wore a blue jean jacket (Pretty cool? I was cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails) ! I liked that I never heard him say one bad thing about anyone (I must have spoken softly) and also that he was nice to me (never mean, like some other a-holes) (You were sweet and hot) and made me laugh (which is awesome) (You must have been sitting in one of my class standup routines)… I wish I had some funny drunk stories that I could say about him, but I never had the opportunity to have a few beers with him (You should count yourself lucky. You may have wound up with an entirely different story to tell 😀  ). I am proud to say that Lee is one of the few people that I can just simply and eloquently say “Hey Fucker, what’s up?” and he’s cool with that, which is frigging awesome (TOTALLY! I don’t mind one bit. In fact, I find it amusing as hell. I think it’s awesome that you do. I like when girls don’t act like they’re uppity and made out of crystal) !!!! I like his grumpiness on fb (LMAO I’m glad. Some people see it as whining. The art of it is beyond them), and sometimes I just want to hand deliver him a cup of coffee on Monday mornings, so he can wake the hell up (I would LOVE you for that. I pee coffee at this stage)! But seriously, dearest Lee, you flippn’ rock (Thanks, doll! So do you!) ! Thanks for your friendship and advice (I’m always just one call or text or email away), like the advice you gave me on how to make my husband stop snoring with a nice shot to the nuts (That would totally have worked)!


What can I say about my lewd friend (Well, that for starters is true)…  Well with certainty I can say that he is one of a kind (I’ll have to agree to that).  I have had the pleasure to know him since I was nine (That’s so very sweet of you to say!), and I have seen him blossom into the man that he is now (Wow. “Blossom” implies it’s good. I’m uncertain these days).  Now let me stop skirting around my assignment, and get down to the nitty gritty.  I call him lewd Lee because he is (I am).  I have come to the conclusion that he loves to kiss (I do. What made you conclude that?) and is a lover at heart (Well, I used to be. I can safely say that I don’t feel that way and haven’t in ages), and he will make sure he has the opportunity to get a kiss or two out of you if allowed (Absolutely!! Bring it.).  His mind is constantly in vocal appraisal of the female body (Agreed. I love women), and he is not shy to say what he likes when he likes it (That is very true. Sometimes I say things and immediately regret it for being so blunt).


Lee is hot (The hell I am). Not just conventional hot, but, smart hot (Debatable). I’ve seen everything (yes, even that) (You certainly have) and read everything from him (And I appreciate that as well as your opinion of what I write). His mind is more of a turn on than his enormous…smile 😉 (hmm… I don’t smile much. I am flattered). Never have I  been more attracted to the way someone’s mind works as I am with his (Damn. You are pouring out the flattery. Keep it up and I’ll start believing it).  His brilliance is only matched by his wit, which makes him even hotter (Well, I’ll agree to having wit, but brilliance is pushing it. I just have a way with words sometimes). I’ve known Lee a long time and I trust him more than I do certain family members (That’s flattering, but I don’t even like many of my own). I am happy that even though we’re far apart, we’re closer than ever (Wow. Heavy stuff. You fuckin’ rock)

  1. Nadia says:

    Ha ha, this was great! I so agree with SB. I know if I’m up late, I can get on fb and chat with you!

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