I was going through my phone and realized that I don’t have many games on there.

I have downloaded some in the past, but they lose their luster after a while. Kind of like dating. I did notice that I have had some apps there for quite some time and wanted to share the ones I use the most. Of course I have an iPhone.

Ab Workout:
This app is actually great. It is a little cheesy, but I incorporated  the workout into my routine. You can feel the burn on this one. I don’t do the reps it says, I monitor mine and alter it.

photo 33

Map My Run:
I have used this app for tracking my progress both running and cycling. It’s very accurate and still runs while you listen to music.

photo 22

Lose It!
If you’re determined to eat healthy and lose weight, this app is fantastic. You start tracking what you eat once you set up your goal and you see your caloric content. It’s easy to use  and you eventually learn how to eat properly.

photo 11

This little game is addicting as all hell. It’s a word game, for those who like that sort of thing. Challenge me if you’d like. I’ll take on anyone.

photo 4

This app is by far the best I’ve found for searching flights and good rates. I have tried many of them, but this is easier and use friendly. A friend just used it and it seems to work like a charm.

photo 3

As you should know, I’m a boxing fan. This little app allows me to score fights so that I can compare them to the judges in the fight. It’s really only fun if you’re a real boxing fan.

photo 2

Oodle is a great app for selling items. I have used it successfully to sell a few items. It only has the weakness that you can’t renew your ad through the app, which is retarded.

photo 1

If you use apps, you likely have Instagram. It’s a fun little app to share photos with your friends. Anything from what you’re seeing to your pet. It allows you to see what your friends are up to without having to see them, which is great.


This app keep me in touch with my blog so I can see and reply to comments, check out statistics and that sort of thing. It is not very good for writing or editing blog posts, though.


Yep. You probably have this too. It’s a great tool to prevent you from working.


Cheap Gas!:
I don’t use this one very often as I’m a creature of habit, but this allows you to check out the cheapest gas prices in the area. It’s very accurate.


Yelp is great if you want to leave a good or bad review for a business. Also, it allows you to see the reviews of places prior to you actually going. It has also helped  me find little known restaurants that are hidden and I didn’t know were there.


This didn’t sound very useful, but once I needed a flashlight and didn’t have one, I downloaded this and it is excellent. It’s brighter than a regular flashlight and has helped me many times.


I use this one to compare prices when I want to purchase items. I hate being ripped off so you can scan bar codes and find where it is cheapest. I can also add items to my wish list (my birthday is in April so buy me something).


Credit Karma:
Credit Karma allows you to partially monitor your credit score free. It’s not 100% accurate, but it is not off by much.


This is the music lover’s app. I’ve always hated hearing a song, loving it and not knowing who performs it. This app works most of the time and gives you the name and album so you can illegally download it later.


Personally I haven’t used this  very much, but I know people that have. If you know how to search and be patient you can get some great deals through here.



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