I’m moody as hell. Let’s see what this crappy superstition says.

Year of the Snake:
Lots of opportunities are often disguised as challenges (Challenges ARE just opportunities). They’re learning experiences. But if you always choose to ignore the lesson (I try to find a lesson is as much as I can. Sometimes the lesson burns, but sometimes it has to), you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Your romantic energy is active right now (LMFAO My romantic energy? That was drained out of me. Talk about lessons)— it’s a great time to let someone know how you feel (Really? I’m pretty transparent. Or ┬áread my blog. These days all I feel is: hungry, horny, angry, sad or annoyed) or just snuggle up with your sweetie (Sweetie? No such thing exists currently; and likely for an extended period of time). Push yourself just a little bit and see where you end up (Nah! That’s what landed me in this funk in the first place!)!

The art of flirtation takes a lot of time to learn, but you are becoming quite an expert, right now (Flirtation? Barely, really. Hard to get what I’m looking for so why bother). It’s time to stop holding back and start using those killer skills you have learned (Still talking about flirting? The last thing I need is a relationship. Friends with benefits sounds good, though) ! If you have someone in your sights (Perhaps), romantically-speaking (Oh. Then no.), today is the day to pull them aside and make that connection. Ask a slightly risque question or two (Would you like to be my friend with benefits? No… that doesn’t sound right. I have to work on that.), and help them see you in a new light (Yep. My bedroom light, ideally). If you are currently in a relationship (Screw that. Those things are like playing Russian Roulette), get ready for things to go to a much hotter level (What if I’m not?).

You’re so full of good energy (I don’t know. It comes and goes. I may be suffering from menopause) you can’t help but leave a trail of cleanliness behind you wherever you go (And then my dogs peed everywhere). It’s like you’re a Roomba, except you’re having fun while you’re tidying things up (A Roomba? Seriously?).

That’s it: You’re through looking for love (YES! That is a dangerous thing to be involved in). From now on, love can find you (hmm… How about it stays the hell away from me?). Actually, that’s a very healthy attitude (Why, thank you!)! What you’ve been pursuing has just been a distraction (Oh, it has been a huge distraction. Smoke and mirrors. Windmills). Finally, you’re ready for the real thing (You know what? I’m good. The desire for that was drained from me too).

Career & Finance:
Don’t just jump from one achievement to another. Take some time in between each to tidy up a bit. Things make a lot more sense when you’re organized. (I’m very organized. My thoughts are the only disorganized thing I own)


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