Lee’s Last Week of March

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Funny. If the plans had not been changed, I think this is the month I would have been in Hawaii.

photo 2

Either way, this weekend I decided to go to the county fair. I figured than rather than try to coordinate some people, I could just go on my own. I wound up chatting with my sister and we agreed to meet up. She also brought along a friend. Pretty cool chick, actually. Now I understood why my brother wants to nail her thinks she’s nice.



As expected we went straight for the required fatty fair food (I kept a keen eye for the beer vendors). The friend did very well and won a big penguin. I won several little tiny stuffed animals and finally towards the end, I won a large stuffed animal as well. We had a hard time transporting them back. In fact, I had to leave part of the stuffed animal hanging out of the trunk and strap it down.

photo 1

The following day I agreed to go with my friend to the fair again. We went straight for the food and beer. Things started off well as we had pregamed. We had the required turkey leg and then found some giant rib thing which looked amazing but was gross.

photso 1

photo 4

Next I went to play my favorite game which is the one where you shoot out the star from a piece of paper. I have won that several times. This time only a thread kept me from winning, but as it was the last day, the guy let me keep the stuffed animal.

photo 5

photo 3

Of course I had no use for stuffed animals so we gave them all away to kids we saw empty handed. The one that received the giant blue whatever the hell it was looked thrilled. I’m sure we made their night. Overall it was very fun, though my feet and ankles voiced their displeasure.

photsso 2

Unfortunately we then hit my house to hang out and conversation turned to other things. My friend determined that I have some sort of relationship handicap that allows me the talent to screw things up no matter how good they are or how much I like the person. Hard to argue with that theory. In fact, that would explain it. It’s almost a mutant power.

Fast forward briefly to April 1st. I started my month incorrectly by being at work 30 minutes late. Nobody said anything, but I hate being late. The work day was long and busy, but boring. My mind was wandering into darker places and whatever good mood I had leaked out little by little like a water balloon with a pinhole.

Maybe it was the conversation. Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday month. Maybe it’s an accumulation of things I try to avoid. Regardless. Today I’m feeling stressed, a bit depressed and rather dissatisfied overall. Even my usual entertainment of receiving texts or Facebook messages stalled today. In fact, I have had to catch myself in the last few days because I have nearly snapped at people for little things. I had sent someone a message on Facebook chat, saw that they read it and didn’t reply. I took it like an insult (despite that they easily could be busy-but I doubt it) and I eventually talked myself out of it. Questions at work annoyed me. Let’s just hope the night goes well. Not feeling too hopeful tonight though. I lost this battle tonight. Fuckers.



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