I have had a conversation with a friend a while back regarding my blog. From there it turned into my personality.

* I am still waiting on a few responses (get on it already) but as I have been asked over and over about this post, I’ll put this up and follow it up with part three when the procrastinators email me *

My friend gave me some compliments and rather than accept them, my cynical side said that I was certain there were equal amounts of people that love me and people that hate me. I said I didn’t care about the general consensus because of that. Even if I did care, I’d never know.

With that in mind I went on the mission of requesting a handful of people to send me a brief paragraph describing me as if they were describing me to someone else. Someone that didn’t know me. Ultimately the goal was just to see from their eyes. And comment, of course.


Lee is a individual that is quite unique and rare (that could be good or bad).
One you can share anything with, BUT beware of his bluntness (don’t ask things you don’t want to know the answer to. And I will call you out if I need to).
He thinks he has some kind of style (style? i disagree. I just do me and go about my business) and tries to flunt it around at his favorite place the Pub (That’s ONE of my favorite spots. It’s just conveniently located for me),
He would like to rub a tub half the females around the world and back and get them in his sack (I’m not entirely certain what that means!).
BUT all in all he is a friend in need when you are down and blue
And that my friends is very true! (I guess you rap)


You’re sexy but sultry (Wow. You’ve got my attention)! Moody (it seems) (I really try not to be, but people seem to bring it out of me) but I know you can be loads of fun (You know, that’s an interesting choice of words…coming from you…heh)!
Sexy, (Again? You rock. And when I last saw you, you were hot as hell) obviously!! I know this fo’sho (Yep. You know quite a bit)! Short n not what you’d call sweet (Semi-sweet?)
But funny x good trait Haha (Some say funny. Others dispute it, but whatever the fuck ever)
Your blogs are amazing (Awww thanks, gorgeous!)! Do you hold grudges (I really try not to, but it’s hard to forgive people who lie or deceive)? It seems so, and what star sign are you? Coz you seem like a Scorpio to me (I am a Taurus and it doesn’t matter. That’s all a bunch of superstitious garbage)!
I’m presuming you’re not a cheater by your comments about your ex (I certainly used to be! But I’m living life a bit more positively so I had to stay away from things like that. I don’t play with people’s feelings)! But sorry to say… Wouldn’t put it past you xxx (Well, when you and I hung out, I was still a giant asshole with a false sense of entitlement)
Big love (That’s, hon!) though I’m a Libra and find it hard to be critical
Quite impatient it seems (I am, but I try really heard. It’s really not easy) Hahaha I like you innit! X what more do u want (I have a list of things I want)! Remember we’re ‘one night only’ crew (HA! More accurately stated, you and I went into the morning LMFAO)!!! Xxxx

Lee is definitely one of a kind (That seems to be a common thought) and I mean this in all aspects possible (That’s SO not good). I don’t know what my life would be without him (Wow. You’re pouring the sweetness on me!), our friendship started quickly (It really did. We vibed) and as time progresses I get to find out more about him (Don’t look too deeply. Things are broken and scarred in the dark) but so far he is loyal, truthful, fun (Thanks!), sensitive (I don’t get accused of this very often!), he has a gift with words specially when in paper or blog form (It’s a curse). I can’t wait to get to make more memories with you. (Be careful what you wish for. I can misinterpret this)
The first time I met Lee, he did not really see me, he was busy checking my friend out (Well, I was an asshole and I had sweated her for a long time. I still don’t remember). I was just happy to be invisible then since all I was told about him is that he was an ass 🙂 (And it was true), and I was not ready to meet that ass (You probably wanted to hit it hahaha).

Fast forward to a couple of years later and lots of life changing experience and destiny (Sorry, cutie. Destiny does not exist) put him on my path again, this time, I actually got to know him (Very well, I might add) and I could actually create my own opinion about him.  He has a dark sarcastic sense of humour that I can appreciate (Why, thank you. It’s an art), actually quite enjoy (You’re sorta funny yourself). He tries to be a bad ass (I don’t “try”. I just “am”. I would never pretend to be anything but me) but he listens to his mom (Of course. I love and respect her AND The Oracle has been correct too many times. I would have to be dumb to ignore that!), so he must have some sort of soft spot somewhere (Oh, I have a few of those….You know that. hehe), he just loves to hide it (I’m FORCED to hide it. People take advantage of that sort of thing and I’ve been doing it for so long that it becomes easy) and does a great job at it.In some ways, I think he is the male more evolved version of me, and when I say evolved, I mean more “I dont really care what people think about me” version of me (hmmm interesting theory, but you weren’t an asshole in the past were you? And you’re hot. And pervy, which I loved).

Lee can be the nicest person when he wants to be (I try to be as nice as possible as long as people do the same and are respectful) and the deadliest person when anybody messes with him (You’d be surprised how far I stray from that sort of thing!), I cant say I fully know him but so far I’m enjoying the ride (Now THAT is a funny way of wording it LMFAO But I’m flattered. Getting to know you better would have been my pleasure).


Give me your damn input!

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