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Fed up.

That about sums it up. As you know I have been having some issues at my place of employment for some time. These items are going to get resolved because I’ve outwitted higher ups, but even then I think I couldn’t stay if I wanted to. It has left that bad a taste in my mouth.

I already had heard that the lowest person in the Executive Management team has a particular dislike for me due to my outmaneuvering her (wait until she sees the final stroke, though). I also know she has made it a mission to try to make me miserable in the office (and has tried to get others to do so).

The problem is that once you tell ONE person, well, it’s no longer a secret. Arrogance is blinding and I guess this person didn’t think I would ever find out. Recently I’ve been working on a project. Pretty large for the place I work at, though when I was working in marketing the projects were far larger. The project is for roughly $98,500. I managed to negotiate it to $94,000. After a few months of working really hard to get the project completed a quickly as I could, I get this email from the dimwitted, outwitted rodent of a boss of mine:

I have informed [the engineering company] that the handling of the [X] project at [my job site] currently falls outside the scope of the day to day operations and therefore, I will be the direct point of contact in handling the go forward plan and communications for the [X] project. I appreciate all your hard work in bringing us to this point. 
Thank you,”

Now, at this stage, all that needs to happen is have the contract signed and have the engineering company spear head the project. Nothing more. This maggot waited until I essentially completed what was easily the largest project I’ve done in this site in over 4 years to steal it from under me to take credit (she has done that with other employees previously).

I’m trying very hard to not be angry. On one hand it will be great to have this project completed. I’m not one that dies to get a pat on the back, but this project has been consuming. It is what it is, I guess.

I guess the only real issue is that today finds me so frustrated with all the screwups from up above that I want to resign. I don’t remember wanting to quit so bad. The lack of organization due to decisions is overwhelming. You’re still required to produce at the same level even if your company screws up and actually removes resources from you. I’m not even sure how much longer I can take what this place has turned into….

I’m in an absolute foul mood….

  1. Sheri Roppolo says:

    Unfortunately, since you felt theurge to remove me from your FB friends list after you and I had what I thought was a true friendship not just a co-worker to co-worker aquatinance, I can only say, after reading your issues at work and in life, that you reap what you sow and maybe you still need to do some DEEP soul searching so that your life can run the way that makes YOU happy. In all the years that I know you, you have never been…. Sheri

  2. Wow,
    Sorry to here that. You are right on the money with the intentions of your boss. There is a book that I have read three times and live by called 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. I am not promoting for money. I have worked for the government for 11 years. This book has done wonders. The book is an easy read and very useful. Suggestion, If you are so effective as a project manager and in operations. Look at creating a side project to fund your own pockets. If you are as dedicated as you say and with a for business operations, you can really achieve a lot. Good luck and hope everything works out.

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