Birthday 2013 Horoscope

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Let’s see what I can expect for my birthday.

First of all, no, I am not on Facebook. This posts automatically to a few sites. I have successfully avoided my phone and Facebook. I’ll see what I do today. For sure I’ll treat myself to a birthday beer after work.

Year of the Snake:
The world isn’t always black and white, you know (I know. I walk the gray all the time. Pragmatism. Situational ethics). There might be a situation that is more shades-of-gray than you’re willing to admit (Don’t worry. I slide, but I don’t slip). Be honest with yourself about this one (I’m always honest with everyone).

Your intense side is showing (Again with that word? People say I’m intense as a compliment and some as a detriment. I AM intense. Relentless. It just is what it is.), and you may find that you need to deal with something that’s harder than it should be (It’s all good. People tend to complicate things, but I’m good at dissecting it and finding an easier way.). The good news is that this phase leads to some serious insights (Everything does. It’s what you do with it that makes the difference.)!

You can feel passionate about more than just romantic things, or other people (Of course. You can do anything with passion)! Use your strongest emotions (Libido?) to get your opinions out into the world, today (I’m blogging!). By showing how strongly you feel about something, you will be able to get the attention of influential people — and you will be able to get people to share your excitement (I hope whoever those influential people are, they hire me). Your emotions can be a driving force toward making great changes that have been needed for a long time (Finally!! I’ve been needing some change), so don’t be afraid to use them (I’m not afraid of shit).

Your emotions (My what?) are forcing you into some interesting situations (That’s the truth)— stuff you would never do otherwise (Like what???), but is mostly good for you. Go with the flow and see what happens in the end.

You can be a sensitive beast, and your hide’s not so thick now (Yep. That’s me. Sensitive). Treat yourself tenderly and let yourself experience your emotions (No… those things are frightening. I guess I am afraid of something). It’s only temporary, and you can learn something too.

Career & Finance:
A lot can be achieved without setting foot in the office (Like how to file for unemployment). Doing something for yourself is actually doing something for your job. Consider it like giving the working side of yourself a pep talk — or a bonus (Bonus is Chinese for Not In This Life in my company)!


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