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My civic duty of answering questions for lost souls…

My girlfriend has armpit hair?We were having such an amazing night. Then at the end, I was going to kiss her, then I saw her armpit hair after she took off my sweater, and I was just like.. Totally turned off by it. It wasn’t a lot, not much at all, just like a little bit. What should I do? Do you girls have armpit hair? (Dude, everyone has hair. Relax. Cut her some slack (see what I did there?) and just make sure it’s not a regular thing. If it is, break up. Nobody wants to nail a Wookie)

Is what I did wrong???I’m 15 and my gf told me she was pregnant and that I’m the father. I got scared so I broke up with her. She keeps calling and texting me but idk what to do??? (You’ve done everything wrong. You’re a moron. Ever heard of a condom? Man up and take responsibility before I bitch slap you)

Too overwhelming, depressed… advise?there is this guy I met 2 years ago at office here in US.. he was engaged at the time, but we got close physically and used to hang out and I ended up really liking him..problem was he had to leave back to india 2 months after we met but we r In touch through chat till now..after he left I was sad but its been 2 years and for the past week I have really been missing him extremely and the feeling is soo overwhelming and overbearing I cant stand it.. im married and hes also married(please don’t bash) but because of these feelings it prevents me from getting close to my husband..I just want this pain over this guy to go away…I mean does he seem worth it to you? He may be even flirting with other girls too right?.suggest me what to do about this.. I get sad when I think of his memories and fun times I miss it so much..he is away in India and I don’t even know if I will see him again.. also wats making it worse is that ill b visiting india next month to the same city n wont b able to meet him.. knowing that im near him without being able to see is driving me crazy…SHOuld i even bother to tell him ill be visiting india??? (Don’t be a selfish bitch. Leave your husband if you want to cheat. Don’t play with people’s emotions. Imagine if it were you thinking everything was going well and there was another person he was fooling around with? I’m sure you’d want to choke his ass. Have some respect. And self respect)

28 years old women with two kids should remarry again?Well my 28 years old sister had divorced with two baby boys I m telling her to remarry again its really hard to live alone in such this young age but she is not agree she is scared if someone who she marry too not gonna be good enough with her kids whats your opinion prefer if anyone have personal experience (Don’t marry. Not for the first or any other time. Ever.)

What is the best / most honorabe way to deal with cheating wife and her lover? (Easy. Just divorce her and never contact her again. Count yourself lucky and move on.)

Caught trying on one of my wifes sexy lacy bra & undie sets. How do I convince her that most guys get a bit curious and do this but just don’t get caught? She thought it was quite funny at first but now keeps bringing it up. Will she forget about this soon ? (I don’t appreciate you dragging the rest of us men into this. I have never  thought about it or tried it. You’re gay. Divorce or buy a strap on.)

He’s 26 I’m 13 </3 please help?!? Im 13 and my friend is 19. I like her brother who is 26… a lot. I really don’t know what to do. Whenever I’m over at her house, I cant get him off my mind. Most of the thoughts swirling through my mind are “Do I look ok?” “Does he like me?” “Oh my god am I acting like a complete idiot, does he like idiots?” Someone please help! (If he likes idiots he likes you. Stay away from him jail bait)

My younger brother caught us having sex!!?So, we just went to the mall with me (18 y/o) , brother (15 y/o), sister and my boyfriend (23 y/o). Then, it’s already evening when we went home. My sister was already asleep in her bedroom and my brother was just taking a shower downstairs and he will come upstairs to get his clothes any minute. Me and my bf was so horny that we started having sex standing in the kitchen. There was just a thin block that avoids me from being seen from anyone who’s going up but my bf can be seen immediately.While he was finishing off, he said my bro went up then they had a short eye contact, then he went down again immediately to maybe give us time to dress up.NOW, IT’S AWKWARD! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!He knows I’m sexually active but I’m embarrassed since he was still so young to see those things.HELP ME 😦 (Never do something you aren’t willing to man up to if it goes wrong.)

My friends are cheating on they’re boyfriends/girlfriends with eachother? (Mind your fucking business. This is not something you want to get in the middle of)

Why are my friends so boring? (Birds of a feather…)

Why do people fall in love? (Because people are gluttons for punishment)

Why does my dad have to be so mean? (Look, I’ll trade you fathers for a week and you’ll be happy as hell. Stop whining)

Will history ever make a guy as good looking as me? (History makes guys like me to handle people like you)

İm 15, and my mother is treating me like a baby, How do i get her to stop without offending her? (Go to your room)


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