You know what I found myself thinking about? “The Highlight Reel.”

For those of you who don’t know what this is, I can explain (cover your eyes, children). The Highlight Reel is the process in which you’re involved in a sexual act and the only way you’re able to climax is to fantasize about another person(s) who you found more attractive or better than the one you’re with. The Highlight Reel is a method used by both men and women.

film-reel-canstockphoto03350502People always wonder if it counts as cheating to use The Highlight Reel (THR) in order to finish their deed. I’m of the school of thought that it is not cheating. I mean, you’re thinking things, but you’re not actually doing anything. It’s like reading a menu while you’re on a diet, but not ordering.

I consider myself a type of ‘every man’ so I generalize often. I basically designated myself the ambassador of men. In my case, by FAR most of the times THR method is required. Very few times have I not had to resort to THR method, in fact. This may surprise some and may make them wonder if I had to do THR method while with them (if you have to ask, it’s likely a ‘yes’).

I know it’s a standard for people to doubt the sincerity of a woman’s response regarding feedback of your performance in the sack. I don’t really have that concern. I’m actually gifted with the curse of being incredibly talented in bed (those of you who can validate this, please comment because I know I’m going to get chastised for boasting) so I can assume that most of the time THR isn’t needed for me. Hell, I had a person in particular confess to me that she had never been with anyone without requiring THR (thanks, by the way, doll. I didn’t need it either. Too bad we fell out ages ago, you were talented.)

I have also been reluctantly told that I WAS the THR (it was reluctant because the person felt guilty as I was the THR while she was in a relationship – I’m sorry about that. Not really). Hell, now that I think of it, I know I have some readers who have been my THR at some point in time. Congratulations. I wish I could give you a trophy.

What are your thoughts on THR?? I’m particularly interested in the thoughts of the females.

  1. Nicole Blanchette says:

    I don’t consider it cheating but if a person is in a relationship and has to resort to it all the time them they made a bad choice when deciding on that relationship. 🙂

    • sirtilc42 says:

      What if everything else is good except that?

      • Nicole Blanchette says:

        If you are one to believe in the whole happily ever after and being faithful to one person that’s too damn important to not be good. Cause in theory its for the rest of your life. How depressing prospect if it’s bad for the rest of your life!

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