Movie Romance

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Just in case you weren’t aware, relationships aren’t like in the movies.

  • You ever see a couple in a movie hook up in an animalistic, sudden and uncontrollable situation? Sure. Ever see them reach out for a condom? No? Me neither.
  • Have you ever seen a couple in the movies wake up and be so madly in love that they have a great passionate kiss in bed? Sure! Ever see them brush their teeth prior to the kiss?
  • Have you ever seen the girl in the movie wake up and have perfect hair and look perfectly beautiful? Please introduce her to me. That doesn’t happen in real life either.
  • Have you ever seen the guy (or girl) show up totally unannounced to the girl’s work place to swoon her and sweep her off her feet? Sweet restraining orders are made of these…
  • Have you ever seen the TV shows where the unattractive yet funny guy has a ridiculously hot wife and that’s never explained? That RARELY happens.
  • Have you ever seen the movies where the couple ALWAYS has this incredibly witty banter? Guess what? It’s hard to the point of nearly impossible to find that.
  • Ever see the couple finally getting down to business… only to find that one of them is terrible in bed? No? I bet you’ve lived it though… and not with me, of course.
  • Ever seen the ugly girl or guy have an incredible transformation and become sexy or studly? You can’t make chicken soup with chicken shit.
  1. writingmom2013 says:

    Your blog would be funnier with (captioned) pictures.

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