June 24 2013

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Still no computer, but I can still update briefly.

I am still looking for a new job. It’s frustrating that the calls are few and far between. I’m also having minor issues with my car as it turns out ill need two new tires soon. It makes a drive exciting. Either way I continue to diligently apply for work daily. Sooner or later something has to happen. I’ll live in a box or I’ll find a job.

I’m still working out regularly. I’m glad to say that I can both see and feel the difference. Speaking of difference I’m still feeling great with the changes I’ve made. I think the most noticeable has been with patience and temper. Life is far less stressful (for me and others, I’m sure) when I’m not on edge and flipping out over relatively unimportant things. A few times people have done or said things where I have had to laugh when I recognize in the past I would have gone off.

The other day I also came to a conclusion that surprised me. After all this time I realized I’m rather interested in someone. It’s a bit improbable but I figure that maybe this is another thing where I get what I put in. It’s worth the time and effort. By the way, if we haven’t discussed this, that means you shouldn’t ask me “who?” Also, do not think that this applies to everyone else but not you. Trust me. Just don’t ask. But do wish me luck!!

That’s pretty much that for me. I don’t know what’s upcoming but I know that I will continue to go through the things I want and keep trying. We shall see.


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