June 26 2013

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Hey! I’m still computer less but here!

Yesterday was almost just another day. Almost. It was my jogging day and I purposely ran longer and timed myself. I have a specific goal to reach as far as time and distance so it’s getting serious now! I hadn’t done that in years. An acquaintance thought I was crazy for doing it in the heat but fuck it. She’s one of those that doesn’t appreciate me being “too intense” but I find it useful.

Once I was done I had a conversation where I annoyed the girl I’m interested in by asking too many questions. People sometimes don’t understand I need to silence my brain. It was understood in the end but it was a process. This one is going to be a challenge for me. She ha described me as being upset when I don’t get my way because I’m used to people conforming to what I want. I’m uncertain how accurate that is but whatever the fuck ever. It sounds bad but the reality is that we settled a few important things so its headed in the right direction with the speed of a sleepy snail.

Shortly after that, I got dressed and went to meet a friend. She’s one of the few that understood how difficult it has been for me to change some negative habits and she’s trying to do the same. We went to eat at some place in Brickell and had a glass of Cabernet. The food was just ok. The cab was the best part. The waitress was distracting. She appeared young but clearly had extensive work done on her face and a huge fake ass. Insecurities are a motherfucker because she looked like she used to be attractive.

After that we walked around some fancy shops in Brickell an stopped at TCBY. Although it was good and I broke my healthy eating, I found that it had a sign stating that if you give them 5 stars on Yelp you get a discount. That’s some fake ass shit. Sort of like the closest K-Mart to me. Part of a credit card transaction has a question regarding your satisfaction. The cashiers always reach over and answer for you. Earn your props, motherfuckers.

I called it a night after that. I thought about what I am doing until I fell asleep. I woke up yet again at 4 and I was just as confused as when I went to sleep. I upset I’m over thinking and perhaps I don’t necessarily need to know exactly.

Now, I can’t end all my posts normally. I just can’t. I don’t take life that seriously. With that in mind I do have a few messages to distribute. I often mention that I have a chalk line around my sex life. Currently (and fortunately) it’s purposely. I also mention that I’m emotionally unavailable. With that in mind:

1. Facebook friend/rare acquaintance:
I’m fairly certain that I would break my no sex stance if you even looked at me the wrong way. You’d make noises that would embarrass jungle animals. Believe that. Your personality sucks brontosaurus dick so don’t expect for us to hang out though.

2. Facebook friend/rare acquaintance #2:
With you I would pump the brakes. I wouldn’t mind going out and chilling. I’ve dropped that before so get the fuck on it. It has a shelf life; it’s not open ended.

3. Girl I’m actually interested in:
My past is my past. I thoroughly enjoyed the villain infamy and being quick tempered and spitting venom. At least I thought I did. I’m vastly different today. I think life is defined by moments. It’s in recognizing them and seizing them. It changes everything. The moment is upcoming. Recognize it.

4. Obama/NSA:
Please stop reading my blog. Or comment on it. That would rock.

5. Barbara:
I sent you a question via Facebook. That motherfucker shows you read it. Answer me. I’m more patient than I’ve ever been but I’m not zen.

6. Mom:
I was analyzing and I deduced my insanity is from your side of the family. I therefore hold you all responsible for my actions.

7. Laura:
My homiette. You rock but you said you wanted to write something for my blog. I haven’t gotten it. By the time you send that shit I’m going to need Viagra.


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