June 27 2013

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My day has started with the dogs waking me up to go to the bathroom at about 2:30.

My two Mini Schnauzers sleep in my room on a little bed under my desk. The young one, Stitch, has recently started doing this cute thing where nightly, the minute I lay down and hit the lights he walks up to my bed and stands with his front paws on the edge of my bed for me to pet him. Eventually he leaves.

The same move, however, is used to notify me that a bathroom break is required. Not only do I have trouble sleeping, I’m also a light sleeper. I figured that since I always update you guys, this time I’ll share my thoughts, observations and happenings, if any, as they occur and will post tonight. (First concise thought of the day: This girl I’m interested needs to hurry. This king size bed is way too fucking big for myself)

I’m going to get up now to brush my teeth and shower. As I worked out my abs and upper body yesterday, I have a pretty bad pain on that triceps that the doctor said had a tear. Not having insurance is a bitch. I also realize I have to do some cleaning. My nightstand shows it and clearly I drink a ton of water daily.


I’m just going to turn on the coffee maker, grab my Bluetooth headphones and play music while I pick up until I shower. The great thing is that the range is so good I can leave my phone charging in my room and listen to music while I’m in the kitchen turning on the coffee (for survival). I need to cut back though. I’m drinking over a pot of coffee daily. It gives me sensations too similar to anxiety.

Shook Ones Part II is on. It’s what I would listen to when I would walk my mom’s dog in the mornings in Hawaii. Incredible place. I hear that song and eventually get lost remembering cool sights if I don’t concentrate.

Bed is made. Room picked up. Time for the health conscious part of my routine. I start by checking on my weight. This exercising better be working. Down 5lbs. to 193 even. Awesome though it doesn’t escape me that today is my running day and I’m craving fatty food. I can, however, see results on my body.

Blood pressure check: just a tiny bit high. I document it. Such is the life of borderline obsessive compulsion mixed with getting back into good physical condition. One more bottle of water in my bathroom but this is to help me put down my anxiety medication (you thought i was kidding?) and vitamins.

I am in pajama pants, shirtless and wearing fuzzy slippers. You heard correctly. Those motherfuckers are comfortable. In a twist, though, my hair looks like a microphone so I’m wearing a Nike scully. I hereby revoke my own Hood Pass. Either that it I’m an unsung fashion icon.

This shit is why by the time the afternoon hits I have nothing to do. On my way out of my room I decided to throw some laundry in the washer. I also remembered I defrosted chicken so I plan on laundry and cooking as I do dishes (after coffee, because otherwise, fuck that).

Well. Change of plans. One of my dogs has an upset stomach and peed in the kitchen and pooped in the living room. Go ahead. Ask me how I know he has an upset stomach. Now that I’ve cleaned and mopped I can get back to dishes and then coffee.

Dishes are in, so are the clothes. I had a small breakfast (I must do groceries) and am drinking coffee watching tv. There’s a thunderstorm going on. I’m enjoying it but I hope I can run today. Right now I’m trying to figure out which way to cook the chicken breasts I defrosted. Low fat of course.

So I have now done dishes, laundry and cleaned the kitchen followed by some math work that I needed to complete. Off to apply for jobs. It’s only 8:30 and I can see it’ll be a long day. It is still raining so my run is postponed for now. If there’s a break I’ll run. Funny story, I run with a ziplock bag on me in case it rains. I don’t mind getting wet but I have it for my iPhone and headphones. I sometimes obsess over planning, but it makes me prepared.

Well it now appears as though I’m meeting some friends for some wine this evening. As of right now it’s two HOT friends of mine and myself. Not too shabby. Good company, eye candy and wine.

Well, one of the two cancelled. Lame ass excuse too. Oh well. Adapt and keep moving. And it has not stopped raining. No running for me today. Headed to the bar.

Funny. By the bar it’s sunny. Must be a sign. I wanted a chicken burger and a very light beer while I waited for my friends. Since I used to come often they had already opened and brought the strong beer I used to drink. Sigh. I’ll take it VERY easy.


Women are complicated. The friend who cancelled sent me a text that she ¬†would make it anyway. So did another two friends. I unwound and had fun. Hell I eased up enough to have a burger. Eating healthy makes things like that taste spectacular. Either way, I had fun. How can you not when it’s Lee and four girls? And they’re awesome too. And they could probably beat me up.



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