Holy Bucket

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today finds me anxiety ridden.

I’m stressed out over a few things in my life and anxiety has kicked in. I realized that a couple of things can be handled differently. Not only that, I found that I’m on a nice steady pace. I must have a sense of urgency.

I started a tentative list of things I feel I must accomplish and more importantly, the path I need to take in order to get it done. Not all are under my control, but I can put myself in a position to have the best possible chance to get it.

No more of this lackadaisical pace. I’m putting all items on a fast track. I’ll update my bucket list and once the Xanax kicks in I’ll share with you. Things are going to get interesting around here and I may have to spend less time socializing. Choices and consequences.


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