Happy Hour Workout

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I don’t know if I ought to be thankful.

Ever since friends found out that I resigned from my job I seem to be more popular than ever.

I have a variety of friends who contact me regularly for me to meet up and have drinks with them ON them. Sometimes I’ve done two of those put stops in one day. I didn’t go out this regularly when I was employed at my highest paying job.

It’s karaoke here, beer there, wine there. I mean, I’ve enjoyed it fully, but needless to say it interfered with my exercising habits. By interfere I mean that I stopped about a week or two ago. I’ve since decided this is unacceptable.

I am, however, going out of town this weekend and I’m not sure how long. Likely just a few days. I’ve been a little stressed lately and although some might argue that a change of scenery would do me well, I think I would prefer silence and less stimulus.

Either way, upon my return I’m going to unfortunately have to begin politely declining invitations. Unfortunately, temptation doesn’t knock on my door, she kicks it wide open.

I don’t know. Maybe I needed it. A break from the routine. Besides, my triceps was starting to really hurt constantly.

I’m already dreading the return. Not so much because of the work involved but the goals I set. I have a very specific weight goal, waist size goal, 1.5 mile time, etc. It’s challenging but fun to pursue, though equally as painful.

That said, I will suffer through the restarting process, but it’s the price I pay. Actually I was having a beer when I wrote this. The server I’m familiar with called me Boo. I think I melted. Show me the car fax.

  1. don olandese says:

    tell that server who called you boo to back off.

  2. Friends are like Trampolines… I’ve always wanted one.

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