This was inevitable.

Back to the topic of deleting Facebook friends. I have recently found myself at odds with a few people, disappointed in others and, well, just done with others. It feels odd to have people on Facebook whom I won’t be in contact with as it gives people a degree of access that I don’t particularly feel comfortable with.

I, however, have an inability to do a simple thing like deleting people from Facebook without putting my own spin to it. I’m actually going to post my reasoning here and will delete them a day or two after. This gives them (or you, whichever the case) time to read about themselves. Some I won’t even mention, though. Not worthwhile. It’s no big deal, it’s just a couple of people, but still. It has to be done.

  • You’re gorgeous. I love your smile. I don’t understand why you offered me up your number to just not use it after all. You stole about 7 minutes of my life from when I’ve tried contacting you. You seem to be a good type of person. Hell, you’re dating material (at least from the little I know). Thing is that you and I are neither friends and not really acquaintances. I don’t anticipate running into you, but if I do, a distant hello will suffice. Keep smiling. Just not on my Facebook. Oh, and I’ve long since deleted your number. The offer to use mine is rescinded as well, so if you still have it, well, don’t.
    Lee Rating:
    Face:              9
    Boobs:          7
    Legs:              8
    Personality: 8
    Butt:               8.5
    Smile:             10
    Intelligence: 7.5 (unverified)
    Wit:                 8 (partially verified)
    Suspected Freak Score:  8
  • You’re incredibly attractive. Next level, really and I suspect this is the reason why your… personality is a bit slimy. I don’t hold it against you, nor should you. Some personalities just don’t mesh. I think this is the case here. The only difference from the person above is that you’re not really dating material. You look like the type of  girl one has a ton of fun with on the low, though. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.
    Lee Rating:
    Face:              9
    Boobs:          3
    Legs:              8.5
    Personality: 4
    Butt:               8.5
    Smile:             8.5
    Intelligence: 7 (partially verified)
    Wit:                 8
    Suspected Freak Score:  10
  • You probably have one of the most amazing looking eyes I’ve seen. You’re funny and quick witted, but way too weird. I like weird, but you borderline on Amanda Bines crazy. Tighten up before you get put away.
    Lee Rating:
    Face:              8.5
    Boobs:          4
    Legs:              6
    Personality: 6
    Butt:               6
    Smile:             5
    Intelligence: 7.5
    Wit:                 9
    Suspected Freak Score:  6
  • There is something about you, more than just the fact that you’re attractive. I can’t quite figure it out. You’re sweet and attractive, but we do not keep in any communication and, frankly I don’t think we will. Now, if I see you I’ll always say hi. You’re super sweet in person. If I don’t run into you, well, it is what it is.
    Lee Rating:
    Face:              7.5
    Boobs:          6.5
    Legs:              7
    Personality: 9
    Butt:               7
    Smile:             7.5
    Intelligence: 8 (unverified)
    Wit:                 9 (partially verified)
    Suspected Freak Score:  9
  • Hey, dad… I don’t know how often you’re on Facebook and all, but I don’t want you having access to me either. You don’t get rated, but you sure get deleted. Your presence offends me.
  • You were sort of nice in person. At first. It didn’t take long to realize that your’e also fake as all hell. If there’s one thing that I despise is dishonesty. You’re kind of fun and all, but not nearly fun enough to make up for it.
    Lee Rating:
    Face:              7
    Boobs:          5
    Legs:              6.5
    Personality: 3
    Butt:               6.5
    Smile:             7
    Intelligence: 6 (unverified)
    Wit:                 6
    Suspected Freak Score:  8.5
  • You are proof that good looks and ass kissing goes a long way. I mean, to each their own, but I find that to not be the best way to go about things. Sure, path of least resistance and all, but I don’t know if I’d feel proud of it. Regardless, we don’t and won’t communicate so I was surprised to even find you on here. I remember how nice you were one day.. after trashing me to a mutual friend. I played along smiling on the inside.
    Lee Rating:
    Face:              3
    Boobs:          6
    Legs:              9
    Personality: 2
    Butt:               9.5
    Smile:             6
    Intelligence: 8
    Wit:                 8
    Suspected Freak Score:  7
  • I don’t have too much to say about you. You’re a bit of a  mystery. You seem pretty nice and smart, but a bit bland. Our interaction is so minimal and you’re so hard to read, but you don’t actually make it for someone to WANT to know more.
    Lee Rating:
    Face:              7
    Boobs:          4
    Legs:              7
    Personality: 5
    Butt:               6.5
    Smile:             6.5
    Intelligence: 7
    Wit:                 6
    Suspected Freak Score:  8.5
  • It’s not all that clear cut. It’s not a fancy club to be on my Facebook. I’m just trying to minimize exposure to those that don’t necessarily belong there. That said, there’s quite a few on the probationary period. As I mentioned, I hate fake people so those are next. On top of those, anyone who is pissed at me is on the fence depending on the day I make the deletions. Also, I do plan on making up for such a blog post. I know it doesn’t come across well so I will make up for it. It just won’t be today. Keep an eye out for it.

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