Effing Friday

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Just notes, really.

I’m currently filling my crack head like need for coffee at Starbucks. No, none of the fancy shit, just regular coffee. They’re close by and I know they have wifi. The coffee was tasting well until a Bacon Breath parked illegally to come inside and place his order. Who watches the Watchmen indeed.

I also just got off a phone call that notified me I didn’t get a job as they wanted more accounting experience. It was a crappy job but I tried anyway. As far as my accounting experience I can easily tell the guy that I can count how many fingers I have up right now.

I’m currently just planning my entire day as I sit here. I have tons of things to do, but I’ve found that listing items allows me to streamline as I can prioritize and not miss anything.

Personally I’ve been doing fairly well. I haven’t had much of an issue with depression and anxiety only seems to hit me when it’s night time. Xanax works well for it and as a result it helps me sleep well, but I’m trying to remove that from my “diet.” Hell, at this stage I think Xanax is my birthstone. The only issues I’ve had is that since I’ve been on two meds for ages, I’m occasionally going through brief bouts of dizziness which I recognize are withdrawal symptoms of the antidepressants. Been there before. Trying to ignore it.

I do confess that yet again I’ve slacked in the working out department. I will force myself to do so today (and regularly afterwards). You can’t be dissatisfied and complain if you do nothing.

My job search has yet to turn up much. I haven’t focused too much on a local job (ill apply today), and the good thing is that a couple of out of state jobs seem to be progressing well. We shall see.

I’ve gotten a few messages about my recent Facebook deletions. I guess a few people got their little rose petals bruised. In fact, I sent out a few messages to some people currently on my list and realized the messages were read but not replied to. I then remembered it has happened before. If anything they will provide additional fodder for a posting when I remove them too. I’m compiling a list. Some provide nothing but eye candy and that falls short of sufficient.

I do have some positive personal projects coming up that I allowed myself to be excited about. I won’t share them yet as they are very early stages, but I will be aggressively pursuing them. If I can pull some of these off I’ll be thrilled. I just have an inability to focus on just one thing.

Speaking of “things”, I’ve recently realized I’ve pissed off a couple of people. Shit I’m tempted to show the brief email exchange to show what I’ve had to deal with. I don’t know if it’s a lack of patience or perspective, but I finding it easy to throw my hands up and write off people. Of course I see myself as easy going, but there’s not a cell in my body willing to crease or be bullied. I just don’t understand the threat of people to not speak to someone. You’ve got to think very highly of yourself to suggest that your attention is worthy of threatening to take away. People come, people go. I’ve had a life where something that small is inconsequential. Go the fuck on. The conversation was done when you threatened. Nobody is that hot or that interesting. I wrote off my father. Think about that first. Geez.


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