Monday September 9 2013

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Smooth Monday so far.

I woke up early and decided I didn’t need to shower or get changed to get coffee. I went to Walgreens in an Ike Turner, oversized sweat pants and slippers. I now know what you really attractive women go through. It’s uncomfortable to walk around being looked at from head to toe and toe to head. Fine, it’s not the same thing, but the concept remains.

I came back, made some coffee, did some dishes and continued trying to watch Breaking Bad at several friends’ insistence. My blood pressure seems high, but I’m certain it’s the caffeine. I’ve read so many conflicting reports on the effect of caffeine on blood pressure. It appears it has no long term effect, just briefly and it’s safe. Lets hope so.

Speaking of bad things for your blood pressure, I sat outside and had a smoke. Very peaceful day in Miami. Light rain, yet sunny. Not bad. I do feel the urge to put down some cold ones this afternoon so ill consider finding some cheap place I don’t usually frequent, put on my headphones (It makes you politely unapproachable) and just relax. I’ve already been doing my workout for today anyway.

Either way, I’ll get back to wrapping this blog up later. It’s 12:20 PM and I plan on having one more cup of coffee and smokes while I read up on the questions I anticipate to be asked during my phone interview. I can only hope that it goes well! Fortunately pretty cool with interviews, though this one is the most important one in ages.

Done. Wow. Those fuckers were not playing around. They called me nearly exactly when they said they would. The interview was brief but detailed. It went well. Apparently they’re fast tracking hiring and I should know in a couple of weeks (yeah, that’s actually fast track). Funny thing is the idea of moving if it comes through. It doesn’t even bother me.

Now I’m going to have a small lunch. Work out more, do a little math work, apply for a few more jobs and then determine my options for relaxing. Here’s hoping nobody ruins my mood.


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