Clean Is Dirty

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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And not dirty in the fun way.

Because my life is so exciting that it rivals Hugh Heffner and The Most Interesting Man In The World combined, I took the day to start cleaning my room.

One of the things that I started running into we’re my notepads. As I’ve mentioned, I use them for notes, ideas, thoughts or for blogging.

A small, green, spiral bound notepad stood out. It’s not the usual style I carry with me and I recognized it as the one I took to my vacation to Yellowstone National Park.

Of course most of the notes make reference to all sort of neat sights and such as it was a very incredible experience. I just want to share the other side of my brain instead.

– LONG ass drive from MT to UT

– Stars!! View!!

– Bald Eagle (spread eagle?)

– Fuck-tons of walking.

– The cleaning crew of this cabin suck.

– Not ONE cute chick so far!

– Tons of Asians and Indians. Hmmm

– Fucking spider in my bed. Lost testicles.

– Traffic SUCKS.

– Airport food is so overpriced.

– Fuck. Cracked windshield. Was like that when I got it…

– Siblings & nephew growing up quickly.

– I’m self contained nearly into one suitcase. My brother’s shit just kind of explodes into the room.

– This entire place closes at 10:00? Lazy sons of bitches.

– Whitewater rafting?! 8-ish PM. COLD water. 60-ish temp outside. FUCKING AWESOME

– I’m trying to eat healthy. What is this shit?

– Fly fishing at noon. One bite/no fish. Tons of fun.

– Cant believe its nearly over. Been nice to try and get away from the thing I can’t get away from.


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