Horoscope: September 26 2013

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Just thought I’d go back to this since I clearly need guidance.

Year of the Snake:
You may be handed the key to your own freedom today (that was given to me when I divorced!). Be aware of how you receive it. Are you willing to let yourself out of these self-imposed restrictions (I try to live with few restrictions. I even go without pants when I can)? Or do they feel too safe to leave (I only play it safe in the sack. Particularly with you women and your behaviors)? You probably know what’s going to feel better in the end — don’t waste the opportunity to grow here (There’s a lot of sexual jokes to be made there. I won’t. It’s not too hard, though).

Try to avoid committing yourself to anything long-term (Man, I’ve been! Not worthwhile, it appears!). Your energy is best spent on regular daily projects, and you should try to defer any new agreements until at least tomorrow (I have tons of day to day projects to keep me busy. Last thing I need is to enter into some agreement or commitment).

Indecision may not be your usual state of being (Actually, lately it seems it has been my default mode), but you can definitely make it look good on you (I wear that shit like a fancy suit). Spin it as an impulsive, exciting mindset in which anything goes — the odder and newer, the better. Those around you will doubtlessly find it noteworthy and even thrilling when you start to diverge from your preset itinerary (Well, I’m keeping to myself quite a bit so I’m fairly certain any socializing of any sort will be noted). And if they go along for the ride, well, they might be surprised by what you have to say (Hey, only some of you can come along on the ride. You must be this tall).

(I rolled my eyes just typing The L Word) You’re feeling too good (Since WHEN?) to worry about what other people think (Well, I have rarely in life worried about that. What people think is their problem) — and most of them really like what they see, anyway (OK, well, if it’s good then I kind of care. A little bit). Now is a good time to chill out or dive into a party — the more decadent, the better (I’m accepting invitations, but I’ll need arm candy. I’m accepting applications).

Once you find a good match (The only good match is to light fires with. Screw this), there’s no need to start picking out china patterns right away. Relationships take time to evolve (And, surprisingly, very little time to disintegrate), so planning long-term stuff might very well scare off the potential for a fun romance (Screw a good match, screw china patterns, relationships and romance. I’m not bitter….).

Career & Finance:
Assert yourself and take credit where credit is due (That’s the only good credit I have!). A job well done may be its own reward, but don’t let that keep you from asking for a bonus if you feel like you deserve it (I need to find a job first….).


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