Happy October!

Year of the Snake:
Refrain from developing utopian plans; keep your feet on the ground (i always do) and be realistic about your strength and that of others (that’s code for “keep in mind shortcomings”). Friendship will prove vital in the achievement of your projects (i hope not. motherfuckers are shady and unreliable). Emotional questions will take on such importance that they may interfere with your work (fortunately I’m not working right now then. i would hate to be distracted). Fulfill your mind and your heart with the thoughts and dreams that you need to explore; don’t sink into excessive introspection though (i really try not to, but it’s hard. and i do it often)! A financial problem could perturb you somewhat (fairly certain this ties into not working).

You’re having so much fun (huh? i’m going to have to disagree with that one) that you might accidentally skip out of work (snicker) or forget something else — but your great energy should help you cope with the consequences, if there are any (i rarely forget anything important. it’s the stupid shit that i seem to not be able to forget).

Career & Finance:
If you were involved in a courtship, would you offer blossoms or boulders (what in the motherfuck are you talking about? I’m not a pilgrim)? Would you be your most charming (i would be myself. for good or bad. i refuse to fake shit for anyone)? Or your most abrasive (i would be myself. for good or bad. i refuse to fake shit for anyone) ? Those answers are clear, so why aren’t you making the right choices for the office (fuck the office)?

If you want to get creative, now is your day to shine (is it now?)! Even if you don’t write (well), take pictures or paint, you can still appreciate what’s out there in a new way, so hit up a gallery and see what’s new (nope. i have tons of shit to do. sightseeing is not in my immediate future).

You should have a sweet time on the town tonight (i should, but i won’t) — or this afternoon or even this morning. Your charm is cranked all the way up (isn’t it always?) and there’s much fun to be had pretty much anywhere you go, so get out there! (no. fuck you)


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