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Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Once again doing my duty.

Let’s see what has in store.

What happened to kane & chris jericho & rey mysterio?
Adult don’t watch that shit. Nobody cares.

What is the best way to land after jumping from a height ( say 1 storey) WITHOUT ROLLING AFTER LANDING?
You’re trying to find the answer online? The question is why jump from one “storey”. I would say do everyone a favor and land on your head.

What goes up & never comes down
hmm.. How about your age?

What is one thing you can say that can scare someone off on a date?
“I’m Lee.”

If a silence looks away from a weeping angel does the angel move closer or forget the encounter?
Angels are fictional.

If peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers how many peppers did peter piper pick? 😉
Peter piper pretended picking pickled peppers purposely. Peter Piper previously petted penises.

Whats a nice way to say “My choices don’t need your approval”?
How about “I don’t answer to you” or “I don’t have to epxlain myself to you” or “I don’t work for you”? Oh, you want it NICELY! um…. who the hell knows?

Do faithful guys still exist?
It’s a dying bunch, but yes. Do wortwhile women?

I slapped my boyfriend because he was cheating on me what do i do.I still like him what do i do???
What you shouldn’t have done is put your hands on someone. He was in his right to knock you the fuck out. Next time just break up with the cheater and keep on moving. The feelings will stick around, unfortunately, but they aren’t permanent.

Is it wrong to date my best friend’s sister please help and read description
I don’t need to read the description. It’s wrong to date your best friend’s sister. PERIOD. You’re breaking the rules, kid. Without rules we all descend into madness, chaos and savagery. Don’t be lazy go and find someone else, douche.

How do i deal with people who talk bad behind my back?
Easy. Let them. Do the right thing and as long as your name is on people’s mouths, I say you’re doing a good job. Fuck them.

Why is this Taurus guy so confusing?
Don’t refer to him by his sign. That horoscope crap is all bullshit. It’s fun to read, but if you put any weight on it, you’re absolutely fooling yourself. Don’t be cattle. Think.

I need help getting out of the friends zone?
Friend Zone reminds me of La Brea Tar Pits. It’s not impossible to get out of, but it’s sure is hard as a motherfucker. Don’t act like a friend. Be a guy. You can’t have it both ways so fucking go for it.

I felt like my boyfriend ignore me, What can I do ?
Say that again? I wasn’t paying attention.

When your heart is broken, what can you do?
Sadly, absolutely nothing.

Have been seeing my coworker for 3 months he does not want us to be seen in public what should I do?
LMFAO I’m sorry, but you’re either very unattractive and he doesn’t want to be seen with you or he’s lying to you and you’re just side ass.

How many cereal killings occur in the us every year?
Millions. Kids kill cereal daily. Hell, Honey Bunches of Oats is my favorite healthy snack. I’m going to assasinate some of that today.

Is there life on other planets?
Odds are vastly in favor of the answer being a resounding “yes”. We aren’t that damn special.

What if we all died at once?
If we all died at once you’d have no answer regardless. The world would be better off, though.

What part of the brain gets damaged from too much tv watching?
Depends what you watch. Shows like Californication, Dexter, and The Shield make you smarter.


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