More randomness. I’m not even sure this will make sense.

I was watching one of my favorite movies and I realized something. It’s unimportant, but I always try to find the moment in these action flicks where something causes the protagonist to take action. The little moment that changes everything (Yes, cinematography was one class I took in art school).

It set me off on a thought tangent into the butterfly effect. Yep. I’m not the best person to watch movies with (as a side note, watching movies with me requires red Twizzlers. Just an FYI.)

It sort of applies to everything, and everyone, I guess. I started wondering of all the seemingly small moments or choices that ultimately led me to this very moment.

People like to lie and say that they wouldn’t change anything because that’s what made them into who they are today. I wonder, often, if the thought crosses their mind that a different and potentially better version would change their mind. It does with me.

Mine was (symbolically) the day I made a terrible mistake. The day someone essentially asked me to “pick a card. Any card.” Too much curiosity was in me to walk away from that. Curiosity has to be tempered by logic, but mine wasn’t. No matter what card I picked, it would always be a trick. I did it anyway.

You get sucked into that and if you don’t look fast enough you’ll think people are pulling rabbits out of hats because your logic pulled a disappearance act.

Knowing it’s a trick, you don’t volunteer to get sawed in half. You’d think, anyway. And yet, someone always does. Typically they’re in on the act, but imagine you’re not.

I should have never picked a card. Any card. So the moment the butterfly flapped its wings is the start, but does it end or does it change everything permanently?

I would think that I’m chaos theory, the storm still causes a million other things to happen so it doesn’t actually end. Ever. It just changes everything permanently. That’s a weird thought. It’s a strange sort of power everyone has.

One of mine started with a cheap magic trick. Easy. But it changed everything.

Oh, the movie was great, by the way. As I mentioned before, The Man From Nowhere is an awesome flick.

Lee says: Never pick a card.


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