Let’s see what in the world I’ve been up to.

Well, after months of applying for jobs with little results, I finally am employed again. It’s not quite what I wanted, but it’s close to the house, Monday – Friday 8-5, an hour lunch, no weekends and casual. Casual. Did I mention casual?

  • I’m still studying for my license. The approval from the State is taking longer than I anticipate, which is good because I am not ready. I’m really working on it, though. This should very quickly pay me back for my efforts.
  • I’m still doing my math courses. I have to sit down with them Tuesday and determine how long it will take to get where I need to be. Things are moving slower than I want, so it’s time to double the efforts. If I can pull these two things off it’ll be the most satisfying victories I’ve had in a long time. I can’t lie. I’m a bit nervous (by a bit nervous I mean absolutely terrified), but I’ll do my best to pull it off. It’s time to put some items on the “win” column after struggling.
  • I’m still single, HOWEVER, I can now feel comfortable saying I don’t think dating will be a bad thing. No rush, but I feel ready. I think. Maybe. (If you have a hot, single friend send her my way – not too much mileage, please).
  • I’m still (Yes, everything seems to start with that) working out. It has not been easy! I have been able to maintain my running and ab/weight loss┬áregimen along with healthy eating pretty well. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the fatty food. I just think that once I reach my desired physical condition I can then cheat occasionally, not while I’m trying to get there. At least not as much. I do, however, prefer to save those calories for some glasses of wine instead. I can actually count 4 ab muscles. The other two seem to be very shy.
  • I managed to squeeze some fun into October as I dressed up as a Zombie for the South Florida Zombie Crawl. It had been a while since I had allowed myself to be silly and do something like that. There’s something strangely liberating about not taking yourself too seriously.
  • November has arrived. I was fully aware while I was enjoying the beach with a friend that it was the anniversary of my grandmother’s death. Strange how time can go by, but it still seems so recent. Even to this day, anytime something goes wrong I still wish I could call and speak with her. When things go well, I wish I could share with her too. She was always very excited to hear about that sort of thing.
    Now I have to not roll my eyes as Thanksgiving approaches. I’ll have to see what I can get myself into on my own (I said ON MY OWN) during that period so that I don’t have to think about anything that brings me down, though things seem to be on the up and up. Within the last few weeks I have been feeling better than I have in years (more on that later) so I don’t really want to have something as basic as a “day” to bring me down. It does, however, make me think of the dreaded holidays so we will see how well I handle those this year. Shit isn’t where it needs to be, but for the first time in a long time I feel more optimistic and have not only clarity, but motivation. I need to emphasize on discipline as I sometimes struggle, but I’ll get it in order.
  • Anyway, I hope your October went well, peeps. My life is going to be going on the up and up either by chance or by force so don’t worry about me. I have a few things in place by design. I feel like the coyote with some Acme, over-complicated plot, but you’ll see!
  • I leave you with a photo of me from right this very moment. Always ask yourself: What Would Lee Do and then do the opposite. Peace. (Don’t forget to tell me how handsome I am, even if it’s not true)



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