Today finds me exhausted, but feeling well.

For the last two nights I have had some serious trouble sleeping (last night I only slept maybe 4 hours). I got up before 5:00 AM and went for a run of slightly over 3 miles. I have some pain I’ve been icing down so although it went well, I could have done better. I’ll ice down when I get back from work. The run did leave me feeling a bit energized, though so I should  be fine. Here’s hoping I sleep well tonight. That said, I’m curious to see what the “universe” has in store for me. You guys really believe in this shit?

Year of the Snake:
There’ll certainly be some positive events in your social and professional life (Well, my social life is rather limited so I’m ready. And the only way to make my professional life positive is a new, higher paying job. I’m for sale. I’d leave before the coffee got cold), and you’ll obtain all necessary supports and protections (I’m such a child. When I read “support” and “protections” all I thought was “bras” and “condoms”). Any moves of an official nature will be crowned with success (About time. It had actually started feeling like ‘my time’ anyway. It appears I take a long time to get any traction). Sentiments won’t be neglected, but you’ll be inclined to a spiritual, more than physical, understanding (Spiritual understanding of what? That sounds like I’ll be on some alley tripping on Peyote). This astral ambiance will favor the efforts of all those who want to reduce their use of tobacco or alcohol (Well, hell. I drink less than I used to and although I smoke less than I used to I really want to stop). If you want to follow a diet program (Forget a diet. Diets don’t work. The instant you’re off them you get everything back. Make a lifestyle change. That’s long-term), it will give you the courage to go ahead this time and will assure you of excellent results (Good because my healthy eating and regular exercising although successful so far have not come easily. I’m behind schedule to reach a certain weight by year end. Where’s the Peyote?).

Try not to go it alone today (Why not? I’m a one man show. The Lone Ranger. Black Dynamite. That guy from Taken (the first one, the second one sucked). Ip Man. Iron Man. They didn’t have sidekicks, why should I?)– things are just weird enough that you require backup (Oh, please. If my life were a menu, “weird” is on the appetizer section all up in the front. Weird is the standard in my life. Bring it on. How much weirder can my life get without time travel, monkeys, dinosaurs and a blow up doll?). That could mean anything from asking a friend to chaperone a date (Pardon? I haven’t even met anyone that had potential for dating material. I’m far too lazy to bother with someone that shows no potential) to throwing a spontaneous party (A bunch of people at my place to drink my stuff, eat my stuff and leave a mess? He-he-he-HELL no. That was in another life time, and I don’t mean Oprah’s channel).

You need a respite from the break-neck pace of your life (No, I don’t. The faster you go, the better the breeze feels). Seek some downtime (That’s what a few hours with wine on a weekend are for. Speaking of which, my social calendar was full this weekend. I don’t have a thing going on this weekend. We need to change that. Yes, I really do add things like meeting up with a friend at a bar in my calendar. I don’t like to be late or have a conflicting schedule. Don’t find me strange for my time management.)– you may even find yourself lost deep in thought (I’m always lost in thought. That doesn’t mean it’s intelligent or not in the gutter, but I’m regularly lost in thought). What you’re mulling over now may be puzzling (“They’re only pieces, so I’m puzzled”), but the process is definitely productive. Take some free-form notes about what’s going through your head so you can refer to them later when you’re back in full operation. (Oh, don’t worry. I always take notes. I don’t forget very much. Good OR bad. You would do well to remember that. Don’t plot against me!)

All your energy is focused on the future (Pretty much, though not all) and on the people you want to be by your side when you get there (That’s untrue. Even the most vocal of supporters falls out. People can be flaky. Who knows who will still be around, who will drop off, who will be new and who may pop up. The only ones who are always around are you guys. I’m kidding. You guys are flaky as hell too) — if only you could climb into a time machine and be there already (I don’t know. I think that would make it feel less satisfying. It’s the process that makes it feel better). But that’s not possible, so you’ll just have to be patient and keep moving forward (I’ma keep on truckin’).

If something is getting you down today (Meh), make sure you don’t hold it in (I’ll just write about it. People like to talk about their problems, but don’t like to listen to anyone else’s). People are there for you (Yeah. So says everyone…) and they want you to confide in them (Of course they do, but people lie. Curb that trust). Return the favor when one of them comes to you feeling blue (I always do even when they don’t hear what they want to hear from me. Lizzle will only tell the truth. Lizzle is not a buffet where you can ask for whatever you want. You get what I’ve got to give and that’s that. Keep it movin’).

Career & finance:
Even the best brainchild needs more than mental space to make it a reality. Reach out to all sides until you can find strong allies. You’ve been struck by a great idea, but getting it implemented will be a challenge if you go it alone. (We shall see….)



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