A bit of a weighted issue

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I HAD to share. I’m excitable.

So you know I’m putting together an encyclopedia of a post regarding my workout process.. Man, I just read it and saw everything and that trip that got me from an angry, anxious and depressed mess to where I am today just.. well, READS well. It’s thrilling. Anyway, so I just wanted to share that as right now I broke my record.

Since my weight gain, the lowest I weighed was 183. Today I actually weigh 182 lbs, which is clearly NOT something I’ve weighed in years. And years. And then tack on more years. I think I may have to drop my goal weight from 175 to 170, though. I kind of didn’t expect to be this close to it, but I’m on track. Take a peek!

The Lizzle Train



The Lizzle Coupe



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