Lizzle and Doraku

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just sharing one of my new favorite places.


Lizzle ready for sushi

Sure, I had been here before, but I failed to mention it. Besides, this last experience was awesome. I have a friend who lives in Brickell. Normally we just buy wine and/or beer and watch TV at her place (the view from the balcony is pretty neat). Sometimes we go to the shops close by since they have quite a few interesting places to hit (I’ll have to try another one soon).


Waiting for Morgan to get ready. I’m on the couch

This time we wound up in a place called Doraku. They have a really good happy hour menu until 7 or 7:30, I can’t recall. Either way, my friend and I were pretty early so we were right within that period of time. The weather seemed nice so we sat outside (we really didn’t feel like sitting at the bar as we did last time). They had some high-top tables which we requested but were told that they were reserved for tonight (nobody showed up for them the entire time we were there).

You can get sushi for $3 – $6 and the drink prices, though I didn’t pay too much attention, are reasonable too. I wound up with cold sake and spicy tuna rolls. I felt slightly pretentious drinking cold sake out of the tiny little cup, but I survived. The sake was excellent, though. The server seemed to be a psychic as he popped up every time that we needed something.


Lizzle’s sake and sushi. EXCELLENT

My friend and I started discussing dating things, upcoming events and such. We realized that our server was geeked out over a guy sitting in the table next to us. He turned out to be some sort of Hispanic soap opera guy and we couldn’t have cared less.


My view from Doraku

At some point it started pouring and we moved to another table. It ruined our people watching, but overall I had fun. I totally needed the outing, the sake (the lychee martini is excellent too) and I love sushi. Sure, not everything we had to discuss was pleasant, but good company makes things easier to put down. Besides, the service was particularly good, friendly and professional so it was made easy to enjoy. I’m dying to go back, but I’d settle for testing out another bar in that plaza. I’m gonna have to convince my friend….


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