Just wanted to respond to a few things.

So often I  get messages (both directly and indirectly) expressing some ‘concerns’ with things I write. I usually just enjoy that people take the time to do so. This time I figured I’d give them a few minutes and address them.

On Ex Wife & Ex Girlfriend:
OK. This one seems to be a hot topic. Look, the reality is that I get along with my ex wife incredibly well. I harbor zero resentment or ill feelings towards her. In fact, I’ll venture to say that we get along better now than we have in many, many years. The problem is that “ex wife” lends itself as an incredibly funny punch line. I often make reference to her and, as a joke, put her down. I don’t mean it. I actually wish her all the best. I think that deep, deep, deep, deep, deep inside she’s a good person. It’s all a joke. Sure, I understand some of you have found it offensive and classless. I find that I don’t care that you view it that way. It’s just a little bit of tongue in cheek humor. Sure, it’s at the expense of someone, but whatever. I make fun of myself and talk about less than ideal things about myself.

The ex girlfriend and I don’t speak. I like to make reference to her because, well, she deserves it. She turned out to be a bit of a deceiving shithead, but such is life. I’ve been one in the past too. A huge one. Yes, it stings, but it makes for good jokes too. I’m not quite sure how tongue in cheek this is, though. Some days more than others. I don’t wish her good or bad. It’s just history. Yes, I saw that some of you think it makes me look bitter. It only seems that way because I am. You’re right. So what? It’s still funny (probably not to her, but she assured me in the past she doesn’t venture into my Blog Kingdom). I’m on the fence on her. I don’t know what the hell she is on the inside. I just know I can make jokes from it.

On Anxiety/Depression/Overall Moodiness:
It appears that some of you don’t appreciate my making reference to this. Some actually suggest I sort of just “get over it”. I forgive you. See, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It doesn’t work that way. I like to read up on things before I put my two cents in, you should too. I didn’t choose anxiety or depression. Like an STD, it chose me and I have to deal with it. Some days I do so wonderfully and others I fail miserably. I share it because I know some people understand and it also allows people to understand my perspective. On the other hand, I’ve had an improvement for some time now so relax. Get informed. Once you’re informed, still don’t tell me anything because I actually don’t care. Truly.

On Workout Updates:
So my weight loss updates and photos aren’t always appreciated. I get that. That’s just the way things are. People post things on religion, relationships, politics and personal opinions. You don’t have to share them. You just have to respect them. You can always delete me or block me, but I assume you haven’t because other times you find me amusing. You have to take the good with the bad. I can’t tailor myself to your entertainment, and if I could, I still wouldn’t. I have to retain a sense of nonconformity and rebelliousness.

Optimism/Pessimist Views:
Oh, how amused I become when I’m challenged for looking at things a certain way. I have always said that I see things in a slightly distorted way. I know it’s not the standard, but I never claimed to be. I just go through life and experience things with a skeptical and perhaps cynical way. I paint it beautifully and present it. Appreciate my art, don’t be upset that you don’t fully understand it. I can’t force myself to be optimistic of pessimistic about things. I’ve been called a pessimist and made fun of as an idealist. So be it. The general consensus doesn’t affect me (the glass IS always half empty as well as half  full no matter how you view it, folks).

On Religion:
Some of you have gotten brazen enough to suggest religion as either something to improve myself and/or as a means of assistance. Look, if it works for you, it works for you. I respect your commitment. My life is not and will not head in that direction. I need something more..tangible. I’ve witnessed no miracles, seen no angels or even an image on a burnt piece of toast. I grew up Catholic and briefly as a child, attended a synagogue. Yeah, Lizzle rocked the Yarmulke. The day that I witness a miracle I’ll change my mind. I’m not talking about something where the odds were small. I’m talking about something where the odds were nil. Otherwise it’s not a miracle, just a product of mathematical probability. I won’t tell you what porn to watch if you won’t tell me what religion to follow. Promise.

On Relationships:
Bitter. Classless. Move on. There’s millions of women on the planet. I’ve heard it all. Often. You may be right, but get more creative when you take the time to describe this. Look, I happen to be the type of guy that feels deeply both when it’s good and when it’s not. More so than the average. When it’s good, it’s an awesome thing to have. When it’s bad, it’s one hell of a pain in the ass to have with you. I didn’t choose that either. It just is and like a disease on an antibiotic cycle, it’ll pass eventually. I just never know how long “eventually” is. Now, dating in Miami is a pain as most people are from Mordor, but with a potential move I can’t even look into it. I wish I could, but I can’t. I’m just trying very hard to roll with whatever I’m given.

On Lizzle:
Look, you may not know this about me, but I’m not perfect. I have some serious quirks, hang ups, and maybe even a little bit of an attitude. Maybe. That’s debatable, but it just is. I do the best I can and I honestly don’t put much thought into the general consensus. I just do what I think is right and move along. I make time to make fun of things here and there, sometimes it comes across mean, but it’s never intended to be. Handle it or move on. I promise not to lose sleep over it.


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