Thank You Thanksgiving 2013

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I saw I had done this post last year.

I wondered what kind of crap I wrote at this time one year ago. I found it so I am going to stick with it.

One year later, Thanksgiving finds me at my house again. It’s funny to read my post from one year ago and know the differences. Sure, not all the difference has been an improvement, but it doesn’t have to be. It was nice to receive invitations to go to other people’s homes for Thanksgiving, in particular when they aren’t even in Miami. I’m incredibly grateful for those invitations. Hell, I mentioned via Facebook that I may be driving to Jacksonville for this weekend and I was invited to a few places. Those people absolutely rock for extending little ol’ me an invitation to their homes (in a very close second come those of you who sent me some very sweet text messages wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. It means a lot to know that despite how busy a day like today can get, you still make time to send me a very nice message. It is far more appreciated and means much more than you know!)



I feel different than last year. I’m not feeling the stress, anxiety and the general sadness that usually starts with Thanksgiving and ends with New Year. Sure, things could be better and things are not how I had planned them to be, but I’m OK with that. The good things that have happened within this year are huge. Hell, if everything goes as planned, this may very well be my last Thanksgiving in Miami anyway. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

I made the decision to not go anywhere for the actual Thanksgiving dinner, though. Not sure why. Habit? Unease? A sense of intrusion or imposition? I don’t know. I knew it wouldn’t be a popular decision, but fortunately I don’t take the general consensus into account when I make a choice. I do feel weird, though. I wish I had gotten a turkey drumstick. Maybe some leftover for Ernie too.

As for you guys, enjoy your Thanksgiving as well each other’s company. I know last year I followed it up with “.. After this comes the dreadful holidays. Personally, I can’t wait for them to be over. I’ll write my 2012 gripe later, but this year has been a bitch” funny. 2013 has been rough too, but perception is reality and although I still don’t care much for the holidays, I don’t dread them at all. In fact, this year likely marks the end of an era for me and suddenly 2014 could have more potential than I have seen in a long time. I’ve put in a lot of work into myself since I wrote the 2012 thanksgiving post. Even the tone of the 2013 and 2012 ones are different. It’s crazy how much can change in a short period of time.

I did say something that made sense (though the tone was still different) and I agree: be thankful and appreciative all year long, not just this month. It’s supposed to be in remembrance of what you’re thankful for, not a holiday to start being thankful and eat turkey.

Lee is thankful for (from 2012 with my notes in red):

  • The few family members I like. (Well, that still is true)
  • My dogs Stitch and Ernie. (Sigh… poor Stitch. I miss you, buddy)
  • The very few friends I hold closely. (Actually, there’s less of you than when I posted this and I’m thoroughly happy for it)
  • Anxiety medication. (Nope. I no longer use any and I feel great)
  • Magnum condoms. (Well, I’m still grateful but I don’t even remember sex at this stage)
  • The end of political rants on Facebook.
  • Women. (I’m very grateful but I want to add GOOD to it, not just women. I’ve had enough of the bad ones)
  • A twisted mind that allows me to write a blog. (Agreed.)
  • My mom being the absolute coolest. (‘Tis true. She is)
  • 2012 2013 coming to an end (Well, it’s not so much the end of 2013 that intrigues me as much as the beginning of 2014)
  • Jack Daniel’s Honey (I barely have any these days)
  • And you, my blog readers. You guys are the shit. James Bond doesn’t have anything on your level of awesomeness. (You guys are great. I keep having more people follow (and some of you are HOT) and for the life of me, I can’t figure it out. Just keep doing it)

It’s only Miami Cold


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