Lee’s Last Light

Yeah. You heard it.

12 hours and 8 minutes. Technically that’s how long it took. Practically from the instant I hopped in my car to drive up to visit family in Georgia my mind zoned out. At first I said that my mind goes to dark places when I allow it to wander, but it didn’t wind up that way. In fact, when I was forced to do nothing but think about things, I wound up coming to a few beneficial conclusions. This was one of the last ones, but most important ones.

One of the things I realized was that I would go and have a cigarette out of habit. It wasn’t because my body needed the nicotine. For a while I’ve been thinking to myself how strange of a habit it is since I don’t like the smell or far less, the smell it leaves on you. The truth is that some of the things I am trying to have in place conflict with smoking. It’s counterproductive. As such, I could only conclude that I had to stop smoking.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m going to rely heavily on a particular book that helped me when I quit for a few months. It’s great actually and I recommend it to anyone.


I decided I didn’t want to just quit, though. Where’s the fun in that? I decided to take you guys with me to have what I hope will be my last smoke. I smoked that last cigarette despite being sick; I wanted it to be as unpleasant as possible.



Once I was finished with it, in the chimney the rest of them went. I’ve been smoking for many years and, well, it doesn’t help with health, my workout, living longer, running, cardio, nothing. There are no advantages. What type of choice does one make that has zero upside? The best part? Well, quitting smoking doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The best part is that all you have to do is do nothing at all. That’s the easiest part.

My techno-geek side also forced me to download an app which lets me know the benefits based on the time I’ve been smoke-free (6 hours and 10 minutes, but one has to start somewhere). Quite a few people in my personal life will be glad at this decision and hopefully it won’t be long until I can feel the difference in my running. Either way, this was Product Number One. There are several, I just have to include them as they happen rather than in advance. It’ll be clearer once I go. Wish me luck.


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