Hit The Road Lee

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Did I mention I hate driving long distances?

My cousin is going to be in Jacksonville (they lied and said Jacksonville. It’s Southern Georgia) so I’ll be driving up from Miami today. On the way I intend to make a brief stop to say hello to my uncle and grandmother in Palm Bay.

I woke up very early. To not have expected that would be crazy. It seems I’m always up early. I planned on being up between 4:00 – 4:30 AM but I’m up from 3:00 AM. I’m only out from Friday to Sunday, but I have my things packed and ready. I’m glad for my organization.


It’s a bit chilly so I throw on a robe and let the dog out. A slight “clicking” in my left ankle reminds me that today would have been my jogging day had I not been going out of town. I’m very glad to not have to run today (though I feel as though I’m cheating). I already had coffee and water in the machine so I just click “on” and wait. I even have food ready in the fridge so all I have to do is just serve myself and heat it up. It’s gonna be a long one.

An uncle gave me ANOTHER uncle’s address in Palm Bay. Simple, right? Wrong. I found the street, but couldn’t find the house number. I drove the street for about 10 minutes over and over again, certain I overlooked the number. I relented and called my uncle. The house number I received was off by a digit. I eventually was able to hang out with my relatives for about an hour or two and then hit the road once more.

Funny thing is that once I’m on the road my mind zones out. At first I felt that my mind went to pretty dark places when I got lost in thought, but it didn’t wind up ending like that. In fact, the amount of hours I spent driving made me come to a few decisions (or “products” as the posts will be named) that I’ll share on other posts. It will take me a while to share all, not because there’s many, but because some will take a little longer than others to formulate. Not all. I’ll start sharing tomorrow. I have a cold and I’m tired tonight.

Anyway, after finally arriving to my cousin’s house I realize I can’t find his home number. It’s out in the middle of nowhere so I call him. He sends me the thumbtack from the iPhone to direct me… I’m about 38 minutes NORTH or where I’m supposed to be. I nearly lost my composure, but I wound up making it eventually.

The lot is huge. I can’t imagine the work that goes into maintenance of just the yard. Crazy. It’s pretty neat because there’s less city lights so at night you can see more stars. It’s nice and quiet too. I really liked the house. We went out to eat Mexican food, Japanese food and went to where they race cards for some type of car show/swap meet. The cars there were incredible. I’d sell my soul for a couple.

It was very pleasant to spend some time with my cousins and their family. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but it was well worth it. It seems we won’t be able to repeat this for some time so I’m glad we did it.

Right now I’m exhausted, with a sore throat and a runny nose. It’s one of those days (as I told a female friend of mine) where you miss having someone bring you chicken soup since you’re sick. Oh, well. I ordered some. Second best. Anyway, I have a few drafts I started writing. I know some will be rather unpopular (and will piss someone off), but my mind is made up. 14 hours in a car seems to do that. I have quite a few things to do tomorrow, but for now just take a look at the pics of my trip, hope I feel better by tomorrow and I’ll try to get some sleep.


the yard at his house is huge




This asshole cut me off as I entered FL. Welcome back!


With the family at a Japanese place



Cold Sake for me.












Pretty cool to be in there (I also need to lose more weight)








Mexican food





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