It’s the little things.

According to my app, I’m smoke free for 22 hours and 14 minutes. This “translates” into a savings of $2.04 (I guess they sell “Looseys” where the creator of this app lives – if you don’t know about looseys, I can’t help you), spared myself 51.934 mg of tar and roughly 6 cigarettes.

“Your carbon monoxide levels drop and your oxygen levels increase, both to normal levels” it says.

I still have a cold. In fact, I think I have blown my nose (or dripped out of it) an amount equivalent to my total body weight. Despite that, this morning I wanted to smoke while having my coffee. Thing is that I’ve been here before. The trick is realizing that those “pangs” are sudden and only last for a brief period of time. To top that off, all I have to do is, well, nothing. This is the trickiest part because of the nicotine withdrawal, but I’ve been here before. It’s neither as bad as you’d think nor lasts as long as you’d suspect.

It is kind of amazing that I can feel my chest area seemingly on fire from my nasty cold, and STILL I wanted to reach out for a smoke. It’s pretty serious when it overrides any logic and common sense. It’ll be fine though. All that I need is the ability to not smoke for one day. The current day. That’s what I’ll tell myself daily, but I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

As for today, well, today I won’t be smoking. At this rate I won’t have anything to do for Near Year’s Resolutions. I’m kidding. We all know I’m not big on those. I think that the book I have is a great resource for not smoking. Are there any of you who have quit? I’ve smoked for about 16 years I think. If you have any feedback, tips or suggestions I’m more open than my prom date. Give it to me. (see what I did there?)

quit top

quit bottom

  1. don says:

    you are doing it right…just don’t smoke TODAY. tomorrow you can do what you want. hopefully it will be to not smoke TODAY again, but deal with that tomorrow.

  2. infinitymadness2 says:

    What’s the name of the app? i want to quit too, and I’m sick now too, but still smoking. 😦
    you’re doing great!

    • sirtilc42 says:

      The app is QuitIT (with a blue box and a black cigarette with a red X). I really like the book, as silly as it sounds. It gives you a great perception change. Thanks. It’s a little tricky to fight the urge at first, but it’s doable. I’ve quit for months at a time in the past. I’m hoping I can stick to it now. Do it! Keep me posted

      • infinitymadness2 says:

        Thanks, I am looking for the app now and hope it is available on Blackberry!
        If not, this is even more incentive to go get an upgrade ASAP!
        I’ve never quit more than a week or so, and it’s silly, I don’t usually crave but just mentally I feel like I need it. Ugh!! lol
        Hey I’ll be your quit partner!! 🙂

        • sirtilc42 says:

          Well, I need a phone upgrade too. My iPhone survived many accidents, but actually shattered from my bed to tiled floor. Crazy. How long have you smoked? The best tool ever was the book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. I never thought much of self help books, but this was great. I would recommend it. A change of perspective makes a world of difference. It helps with the habit vs. physical cravings. By all means be my quit partner. I know it’s not easy!

          • infinitymadness2 says:

            I’ve now smoked for about as long as you have – about 15 years. It’s crazy to even say that!
            The app isn’t available on blackberry! boo!! I will get an iPhone very soon.
            i’m going to buy that book. i love self help books. hehe
            With everything going on in my life right now, I’ve just been way too emotional to let go of smoking but i have to do it. I want to do it. I don’t want to be a smoker forever. 😦

            • sirtilc42 says:

              you don’t need that app. Find another one. And DO buy the book, I’m not big on those and despite that, even my cynical ass had to admit that it helped. Trust me, there will always be “something” that comes up that prevents you from wanting to stop. Always. Shoot me an email if you’d like, otherwise I could tie you up in comments forever: LOLIVARES@BELLSOUTH.NET

    • sirtilc42 says:

      I’m including a screen shot of the logo for the app in case you want to find it.

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