I’m a big movie guy.

With that in mind, here are some movies from the 70’s I think need a remake.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind:


I don’t like messing with certain classics, but some of them canĀ  be done justice with better special effects. I think this movie could easily be even better if made with new technology (please stay away from the 3D fad, though)

Dirty Harry:


Yes. I know. It’s Eastwood and this is almost blasphemy, but I have to believe someone can be found to do this part. The man has to be carbon dated for his birthday.

Death Wish:


I know. Another near-blasphemous comment. Let it go, folks. Someone HAS to be able to replace them. Not a big name, a new guy.

The Champ:
With fight sports being more popular than ever, I think this movie makes it. Then again, I’m biased as a fight sports fan.

Tom Sawyer:
I read this a million times. It makes a good trilogy if done properly and spins off into Huckleberry Finn.

Island of Dr. Moreau:


(evidently there was a 2012 version made, but it had to have sucked) This is too good of a story to let a crappy remake be the last of it. Redo it. Get it right.

* as you can see, the 70’s movies escape me. I could hardly find something I enjoyed and I guess I didn’t see as many as I thought! I had better luck with the 90’s and 80’s movies *


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