A Good Metaphor for My Life

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I always laugh at this.

I always say that the strangest things always happen to me. It can be little things or big things; good things or bad things. It doesn’t matter. Things tend to happen that are so unlikely or weird that I’ve come to accept it as just “my life”.

When I went to visit family in Georgia recently I was reminded of this by playing a simple board game with my cousin. With no one else watching, my cousin and I needed to roll a die to determine who would go first. My cousin rolled, then I did. I proceeded to roll the same thing he did for 4 times in a row before he finally won the right to go first.

I’m not certain what the odds of this are (if you do, let me know), but it reminded me to always be ready for the most unusual circumstances at any moment.

I also lost the game. Every time.


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