I don’t want to be callous… but

I’m beyond sick of people on Facebook particularly who make comments like: “RIP [insert name], you will be missed. You were a great [insert job].” Look, it sucks that people die, but you don’t know this person. You won’t actually miss them because they were not part of your life either. The closest you ever got to them was to see them on TV or in a movie or hear them on the radio. Re-watching or re-playing their music/movies is the exact same level of “close” that you were before.

Why do people do this? I’m not sure. They become very indignant when you make comments about celebrities being just another obituary. The fact is that usually no obituary is JUST an obituary to SOMEONE. Saying that it’s just another obituary is accurate because they’re all equally as important/unimportant as the rest. People always jump to the next bandwagon (or hearse, as it were) without any thought. The cause of the celebrity death is no longer important. The way they led their lives (which one arguably isn’t truly aware of) is no longer important. What matters now is to say how sorry you are that someone is gone.

Do people know that celebrities (and rich people) usually donate and are involved in charity for PR or tax breaks? Sure, not all, but many are. Not ONE ever admits to it being a tax break. People stage things to create mysticism and the persona they wish to portray. Think of a new rapper. The rapper comes out, dresses and raps the part and the cattle considers him /her to be a gangster or an ex convict or a thug or drug dealer when in reality they could be a graduate of MIT. Yet people buy into it.

Michael Jackson disappears into a has-been from a day gone by. A punch line for child molestation, homosexuality, changing ethnicity and eccentricity. Michael Jackson dies and the world grinds to a halt to mourn someone who now they love again. No, you didn’t. You had forgotten. Now it doesn’t matter that they forgot about him. Now it doesn’t matter that he paid hush money for allegations of molestation. All that matters is that a great artist is gone. “RIP, Michael Jackson. You will be missed. You were the greatest pop star.”

Chris Kelly disappears into regular day life. Nobody remembers him as anything but Kriss Kross (and likely confuses him with his counterpart). He dies and suddenly everyone who stopped caring, cares. It doesn’t matter that it’s an overdose. It doesn’t matter that he needed attention and help BEFORE death. It only matters that he’s gone now and you’re supposed to be sad. “RIP, Chris Kelly. You will be missed. You were awesome in Kris Kross.”

Tommy Morrison falls out of boxing and forgotten. He dies and suddenly it didn’t matter that he blamed aids on homosexuals. It didn’t matter that he was a fanatic that said that through prayer he was healed and he risked the lives of others by fighting in small cards. It didn’t matter. It only mattered that he died. “RIP, Duke. You will be missed. You were a great boxer.”

Amy Winehouse’s behavior becomes erratic. Drug use is clear and her life spirals out of control. It’s a punch line. Now everyone misses her and thinks it’s terrible she died. It doesn’t matter that she stated in interviews how harmless smoking crack was. It didn’t matter that there were dozens of photographs of her on the floor in an alcohol and drug fueled haze. It only mattered that she died and it was sad, particularly when she was so young. She needed the attention BEFORE she died. Not after.

Whitney Houston fades into every day life as drugs and alcohol derail her career. She becomes something of the past and a punch line as well. She dies in a bath tub with cocaine and suddenly everyone misses her and feels bad. The struggle lasted years and nobody cared. Nobody commented. In fact, in good cattle fashion, her comeback flops, but upon her death, she is certified platinum. Now people cared. Now people had lost “one of the most talented people in music history.” “RIP, Whitney Houston. You will be missed. You were the greatest female singer in history.”

Paul Walker is a C level actor whose career hinges on the crappy Fast & Furious franchise. He remains that way until his death where now everyone loves him, values and appreciates him and touts him for his philanthropy. Nobody cares about him bragging about gunning a car to 180 MPH in the highway. Nobody cares that the vehicle he was riding in was clearly recklessly driving. It only matters that he died, we are sad and we will miss him. “RIP, Paul Walker. You will be missed. You were an incredible human being and a GREAT actor.”

Granted, nobody deserves to die and the mistakes these celebrities made do not mean nobody should care. What it does mean is that you’re the equivalent of a bandwagon fan except on a hearse. Let friends and family mourn the people they’ve lost. You’ve lost no one and you’ll leave it behind you as soon as you post it on Facebook and the next popular hearse rolls by.

Even Hugo Chavez had people who said they missed him. How can you say goodbye if you never said hello??

  1. infinitymadness2 says:

    WOW!!! I feel the same exact way. Always have. I agree, NO ONE even acknowledged Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston or even Paul who? But something tragic happens and EVERYONE was a #1 fan. It is AMAZING.
    This is part of why FB is disgusting. When an awards show is on, you get to hear 98% of your friends opinions on the performances, etc…
    Meanwhile Nelson Mandela dies and half your friends don’t know who he is. Sad.

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