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Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I don’t know why I did it, but I did.

I went onto urbandictionary.com and researched “Lee” to see what would pop up. I thought I’d share the results:

  1. When used in the context of an Australian Male, the Term/Name “Lee” denotes awesomeness, In 1842 a great man predicted that all males named “Lee” in the year 1987 shall become ‘King of the World’ upon their 20th birthday. Because this great philosophizer was shot in the back while dancing to the 1842 one hit wonder “Hamertime” (a song about communist oppression) the truth was never released to the public.
    Angie: “OMG its Lee, hes so shiney”
    Scott: “Yup, cant fight that. He is awesome”
    Ben: “Yeah, i wish i was Lee”
    Sam: “Lee’s so hot right now!”
    Lee: “Guys! Keep is down, Im busy having sex with supermodels!”
  2. A man that is hard-working, dedicated, considerate, outgoing, loving and attractive. He is often the leader of the group. However, he is never bossy. He always listens to the concerns of his followers. He works hard to get where he wants to be even if at times it may seem like where he wants to be in no where in sight. He still sticks with his dreams and goal. When he loves someone he truly loves them. He would do anything for the people he loves. He is the hottest guy in the room and everyone notices. He really is considered a great guy.
  3. An attractive guy that chicks digg.
    A being who has a level manliness about them of which is somewhat subtle yet unparalleled, and which is sometimes mistaken by lesser men as gayness.
    A higher level of man who endures a multitude of gay jokes, but is in reality much more straight than the lesser men who provoke him.
    Girl 1 – omg, did you like, see that cute guy at the mall today? 
    Girl 2 – omg girlfriend, he was like, such a Lee!!! 
    Boy 1 – Wow that kid in our science class is so gay. 
    Boy 2 – No, he’s actually a Lee. 
    Boy 1 – Oh! Nevermind, that was my mistake. He’s more of a man than I could ever dream of being. 
    Boy 1 – Wow you are so gay… 
    Boy 2 – Wow you would say that. He’s way more straight than you could ever be. He’s a Lee. No offense dude, but you’re kind of a closet queer. 
    Boy 1 – Nuh uh I’m a Lee too. 
    Boy 2 – B.S. dude you are so not manly enough to be a Lee. You’re gay.
  4. The loveliest guy you will ever meet.
    Very cuddly, any girl would be lucky to have him….
  5. Usually found in middle names, at the end of adverbs and in several words. Also one of the reasons why anyone named lee is so connected to everyone and everything. On top of that he is extremely attractive, creative, unique, irresistible with god-like features. Has leadership qualities and a great sense of humor. Could be found upgrading their status on a daily basis, improving at all times. Often mistaken for a manwhore due to the large quantities of females trying to get into his pants. A person that is popular without even trying. A fast learner and one that is sometimes found spitting wisdom at people. Someone that is infinitely interesting.
    Sandy: “Oh my god you wouldnt believe who I saw today!”
    Barbara: “Who did you see?”
    Sandy: “Freaking Lee! It was the most intense moment in my life!”
  6. Lee is a synonym for the most amazing person you will ever meet in your life. Lee is sweet, caring, nice, funny, fun to be with, adorable, amazing, and flawless in every single way. Lee is the kind of guy that you just want to be around. Lee’s smile is mind-blowing, and guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat. When Lee walks into your life, you will never, ever want him to leave. Lee is the kind of guy whose personality you will instantly fall in love with. Lee’s amazing good looks are just a bonus. It is definitely good to have Lee as a friend, as he will stick by your side through everything. If you’re lucky enough to have Lee as your boyfriend, you should love him and never let go. Like I do. When Lee walked into my life, he changed everything.
  7. Usually one of the nicest people you know, a Lee is a friendly, highly attractive guy who almost every girl knows or has heard about. You will probably hear his name several times in your friend’s conversations before you meet him, and when you finally do, you realize his reputation is well deserved. A Lee is always willing to listen to your problems, but the trick is trying to get ahold of him. 92% of his free time is spent talking to or having sex with highly attractive girls, while the other 8% is divided between beer, sports, and video games. A friendship with a Lee can be extremely valuable, considering the amount of connections he has, and will most likely be willing to extend to you. One of his most well known traits as a male friend is his ability to wingman. Since a Lee usually gets women without trying, he is always willing to help out a friend who has a harder time sweet talking the ladies. The key to a Lee’s social success is his constant friendliness, good looks, and charm, which make him a valuable asset as a friend.
    p1: where can i find one of those (random item)
    p2: i dont know? call lee.
    P1: you think hes got (random item)?
    P2: maybe not, but i can guarantee he knows someone that does.
  8. A Lee is a really super hot guy. chicks dig Lee, a LOT. Lee is a REAL cowboy who will try to drink any Lizzy under the table but will always fail. dogs love Lee. he is very good with children and preforms his own stunts.
    Cheerleader #1: OMG!!! there’s “lee“!!! last night i was with him and i TOTALLY couldn’t keep my hands off of him!
    Cheerleader #2: you lucky bitch!
  9. The most good looking guy that has ever walked on the planet. A lee is someone who is thoughtful and cares a lot about others. When you meet a Lee, there very shy and you gotta talk to them first. When you do, it’s worth it. They usually have beautiful green eyes and Dark hair, they are unique and different than all the other guys. Lee’s usually have girls falling for them every second. A lee is always in you’re friends conversations about how cute he is. They have freckles and they are very southern. Lee’s are very athletic and popular. Girls are lucky to have a guy named Lee. Lees are very thoughtful and religious, they care a lot for others. Say hi to a lee, you never know.
    (Girls) Omg that’s Lee! He’s like the hottest boy in school
    (Boys) Dang, I wish I was a Lee I’m jealous.

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