Horoscope December 15 2013

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Chilling at home wondering what the universe has in store.

Year of the Snake:
At work (where?), you’ll be very appreciated for your original ideas (I’m typically shunned for them). Concerning your children’s education (I don’t even have sex, much less do I have children), be ready to listen to other voices than your own (I listen to the ones in my head). Dare to use your contacts for carrying out a project. Longtime lovers, you’ll bask in happiness; thanks to the excellent astral aspects, your love will take on a refreshing new aspect. As for singles, they’ll readily let themselves be trapped by Cupid (Cupid is giving me the silent treatment).

Try to look at things carefully today (I try to be as careful as possible all the time)– you need to make sure that you’re really paying attention to the details (Please. I’m always analyzing the details). Your energy is a bit diffuse, which makes it all the more important to handle with care.

It doesn’t matter who delivers the offer or how reputable they seem to be. You still need to remember one thing: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (ain’t that the truth). That goes double, especially if your antennae are twitching, which they probably are. Don’t ignore your instincts. When in doubt, ask for help. ‘Buyer beware’ isn’t just a funny old saying, you know.

Unless you’re rolling in green, keep a sharp eye on your credit cards right now. You might think you need all that stuff, but most likely some of it can wait a little longer, especially after the holidays are over (No worries. I couldn’t be cheaper).

Your talkative side is getting you plenty of attention (Getting attention is, and has never been, a problem)– in fact, your positive spirit inspires everyone within earshot (Woohoo!). Someone distant admires your gift of gab, so don’t be shocked when you gain a new audience member (My blog rocks).

Career & Finance:
Things are moving a little too quickly for comfort (They are, but you have to step out of the comfort zone sometimes). You don’t need to slam on the brakes, but be ready for some fast-paced transactions that will leave you breathless, if not a little anxious, next week (I’m fully prepared. Bring it)


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