I had to vent.

There’s not many knowledgeable boxing fans in my Facebook. For the most part there are the casual fans who just repeat whatever they hear on the news or from a friend (who heard it on the news) with no real idea of very much. It’s great when a conversation starts via Facebook and you can see that people are actual fans. The latest conversation was about Adrien Broner. With that in mind I wanted to touch on a few things. I may have done so in the past, I don’t know, but I don’t want to research it.

On Adrien Broner:
The reality is that Adrien Broner is a B-level fighter. He always will be. He has natural ability, but isn’t as good as he thinks he is. He also thinks he’s some sort of rap star who boxes. Unfortunately, you can’t play boxing. Your mind and body have to be at their very best in order to BE the best (see Bernard Hopkins or Floyd Mayweather). You can’t party out in between fights and expect it to have no ill effects on your body.

Prior to the fight I posted a few messages on Twitter

20131217-051545.jpg 20131217-051552.jpg 20131217-051558.jpg

I knew it was a matter of time before Broner got the upset. This wasn’t too hard to figure out. When Broner moved up in weight he struggled with Malignaggi – who I consider to be a C+ fighter. Sure, he won, but he struggled in a fight he should have won decisively. Maidana is a B- fighter, but he’s relentless and doesn’t seem to run out of stamina. Once the weigh in was given you knew there was a size disparity. Broner does not belong in that weight class.

In the end, Broner is just like Canelo – they’re both manufactured stars. They may have talent, but they’re the product of public relations. Before Mayweather vs. Alvarez, people were talking about Canelo as though he was a superstar with incredible talent when in reality he’s a skilled, but unproven kid. Before Broner vs. Maidana people were referring to Broner as the Maweather “clone”. This was manufactured too. Broner is not as skilled, lacks discipline and is not in his weight class. Golden Boy Promotions wanted a new Oscar de la Hoya so they manufactured Canelo. TMT Promotions wanted a new Mayweather and they manufactured Broner. Both will make a ton of money, but neither will be as successful (or talented) as their counterpart.

By the way, it seemed to me that Broner was undertrained. He didn’t have the stamina to move much or put punches together. I suspect he thought natural ability would be enough. Maidana is a tough guy who knew he was fighting for his future. I guarantee you Maidana’s next couple of fights make him a rich man. The 147 lbs. division has potential fights with: Andre Berto, Robert Guerrero, Zab Judah, Amir Khan (for a rematch), Devon Alexander (for a rematch), Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez and Tim Bradley (and Mayweather still has belts there). Some (not all) are winnable and commercially viable fights.

As for Broner, I suspect that he learned his lesson and will train quite well if he chooses a rematch. I expect his team to avoid a rematch at all costs and Maidana’s team to want to capitalize by fighting someone else first. I don’t expect an immediate rematch unless they throw a ton of money at Maidana. Broner can win a rematch.

On Televised fights:
So why are fights only on pay per view? Why can’t one “order” a good HBO or Showtime fight for say, $10 or so if you don’t have HBO or Showtime? Does it not seem like they’re not maximizing their profit?

Also, why hasn’t a promoter had the courage to get big fights on network television instead of pay per view? Put a good fight card together (with some big names) with more than the usual 2 or 3 fights, charge the advertisers a much higher fee, like the Super Bowl though not as expensive, and off set the costs like this. It could work if the names were big enough and you can put boxing back on regular television. That said:

Death of Boxing:
How tired am I of this conversation. The MMA “purists” always repeat that boxing is a dying sport as though it were a mantra. It’s far, far from the truth. First of all, Floyd Mayweather is the “richest individual athlete is all of sports” thanks to his Showtime contract. Mayweather’s nine HBO PPV events generated 9.6 million buys and $543 million in television revenue. In only two fights (Cotto and Ortiz) Mayweather made $85 million. Mayweather’s victory over Roberto Guerrero in May attracted roughly one million PPV buys and his September fight with Canelo Alvarez was the highest grossing fight in the history of the sport with total revenues approaching $200 million and a PPV audience of 2.2 million. It’s not just Mayweather, although it was not a pay per view fight, Broner vs. Malignaggi had about 1.3 million viewers. In the UFC, the highest paid athlete is Georges St. Pierre at $400,000 (he averages 800,000 pay per view buys). Pacquiao with an $18 million guarantee did about 500,000 in his last fight and that was considered a failure (he pocketed upwards of $30 million though). The first fight Pacquiao truly headlined did 800,000 – 850,000 buys vs. Ricky Hatton.

On Mayweather:
I don’t want to knock on Mayweather because his career is nearly over and he has quite a few fights. He is still beating people and is apparently on top of his game…however rumor has it that his next fight is against Amir Khan. This is not a fight I would spend money on. This is what I call a “money fight”. It’s not exciting, but it will make money for both. If this is a money fight, expect it to be done overseas where they can maximize on Amir Khans popularity. Kahn has nearly no chance of beating Mayweather unless there are random banana peels on the ring. Kahn would have to outbox Mayweather but that seems unlikely. I think Mayweather has 3 fights left on his contract. Sure, he deserves an ‘easy’ fight, but if you want to call yourself the greatest ever, well, you’re not held to that standard. In my eyes he should have Marcos Maidana or Tim Bradley move up to 154. Either one of those two would jump at the opportunity and both fights can be sold easily. I would expect Maidana to be easily handled, but I think Bradley’s style would cause for a closer fight than people think.

In fact, coming off of a much talked about fight, I would suggest a fight with Maidana while Broner takes a tune up followed by a fight with Bradley. Assuming that both fights are successful, I think that he could end his career by moving up yet again (big risk) and taking on Sergio Martinez. I would expect that Martinez could defeat Mayweather due to the size disparity, but hey, back in the 80’s people did these sorts of fights.


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