I’m a huge movie guy and realized many movies are being remade.

With that in mind, I wanted to throw out a few movies from the 80’s that I think should be remade. What do you think?


I loved Porky’s. To this day I guarantee that you can watch it and laugh. It’s silly and outdated, but very damn funny. It would need to be tweaked for the present, but it’s totally doable.

Lethal Weapon:

One of my all-time favorite movie series. This requires impeccable casting, but I think would be fantastic. Tough to outdo the originals, but the time is right.


People like to pretend they really love this movie because MTV tells them that if you’re hood you have to like it. The truth is that the movie is crap and the terrible accent sucks. This movie could use a huge remake.

48 Hours:

Yeah, it’s almost like every buddy movie, but these two had a great chemistry. Nobody that I can think of currently could replace them, but it’s worth a shot.


Horror movies just don’t have the luster they used to. I don’t know if it’s due to the heavy reliance on CGI or what, but they don’t quite have it. This movie deserves a creepy remake.

Coming to America:
This movie was great. I know it’s another Eddie Murphy movie (and there isn’t anyone quite like that right now) but it was a pretty cheesy/funny story. I think it would be great to watch it with an update.

Back to the Future:
This was a great movie and can be done even better with CGI’s.

American Werewolf in London:

I’m just a big fan of this movie and the genre. I can’t get enough. It probably doesn’t need a remake, but I would watch one anyway.

The Dark Crystal:
I know, I know. The big deal was that it was all animatronics. I don’t care. I think something like this can be done using CGI and it would be an improvement.

Another childhood movie worthy of CGI treatment. If the gremlins were unstoppable in Betamax, they would rock out in HD!

Police Academy:

As silly and implausible as this movie was, it was funny. And you can do some great cameos with this one as well. It’s absolutely worth a reboot!

The Fly:
Probably the last time Jeff Goldblum did a good movie. This was a nice and creepy flick and I would love to see it done all over again. Give the bug-eyed actor a cameo as well.

Big Trouble in Little China:
One of my all-time favorites. Needs great casting, but has great potential. Who could replace Jack Burton??

I’m not a big (heh) Tom Hanks fan, but I think this movie was great. A remake would be fantastic, but finding a charismatic actor for it would be the tricky part.

The Never Ending Story:

We murdered the Betmax for this one. I loved it as a kid and with CGI this movie would come alive. I’d watch it today if I could.

The Howling:
..another one that likely does not need a remake, but I was a huge fan of. Bring on the vampires, werewolves and zombies.

Revenge of the Nerds:
I loved this movie and the message. This would need serious tweaking so that it would translate into today, but it would work.

Dream a Little Dream:
This is one that I really liked back then which likely can’t translate at all. Maybe this one is best left alone.


Can this be redone? I absolutely loved this movie. Those are two great actors to replace, though (even if Sean Penn is an idiot)

I remember watching this way back in the day. This would have to be a bit of a comedy to have any chance, but I would watch it. Maybe. On video.

Silver Bullet:

Every King movie needs a remake every few years. It should be law.


Give me your damn input!

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