Horoscope December 31 2013

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Screw this year.

This is not a good time to play fast and loose — your luck is ebbing somewhat (ebbing? EBBING? That shit up and left me). That’s not such a bad thing, though (I beg to differ, fucker)! Just hang back and try to deal with things as best you can (That’s funny. My other post mentions that those are my intentions. It’s all I can do). The surge comes early in 2014 (The surge of what? Because if it’s a surge of bullshit, I’ve had enough and I’m moving to Canada or Tahiti to avoid it)!

Getting any time to yourself will be extremely difficult today (Oh, I think that won’t be a problem at all, actually)– your popularity is nearing a record high (Sweet), and people will want your input on many issues (I don’t mind one bit, but good luck getting ahold of me today. Well, except one person whom I agreed to speak with today. I try not to break commitments). The sooner you can adjust to the demands on your time, the better. Since ignoring the external world will be practically impossible (“Challenge accepted! As of right now, I intend to Houdini the fuck out for today), you are better off just giving in and dealing with the people who are clamoring for your attention (Clamor away. maybe it will be something pleasant). You will be able to get some alone time soon, but just not right now (We shall see about that. I really can’t think of many scenarios that are capable of derailing today’s disappearance act).

Avoid anything risky today (Shit, I’m practically avoiding everything today. I’d avoid my fuckin’ self if I could)— even asking out that crush of yours could backfire (Isn’t that always the case? Besides, I haven’t had a “crush” in quite some time). It’s just one of those days when you need to take things as they come (Well, that’s my intention as it is better than the alternative) and save the heroics for another time (Just as well. I have little humor or heroics left in me these days. The well is empty).

No matter what you’re doing tonight — even a big date (What is this “date” you speak of)— you need to keep it quiet and inexpensive. Financial issues are a bit difficult today, even if you’re just figuring out how to split a bill.

Career & Finance:
Don’t let your active subconscious go to waste. It’s giving you some valuable material. Your biggest challenge is weeding out the glittery fool’s gold from the real nuggets. (I need to shut down my mind. It’s feeding me a lot of stressful bullshit. Keep your fool’s gold and nuggets)

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