OK. I’ve had enough.

Once again I had a logical person discuss with me (challenge me, actually) about the validity of karma. This will be an ongoing post so I will repost it IF someone takes me up to the challenge of my questions and what will likely be follow up questions:


  • Define ‘karma’:
    How does karma work:
    Give me an example of karma at work:
    Give me an example of karma at work from your personal experience:
    If karma works, why are there jails?
    What proof is there of karma?
    Are you sane?
    Is there more proof of bigfoot or karma?
  • From S to Lizzle:

Define ‘karma’: Karma, to  me, is the force (what exactly is a “force” in this case?) that ensures “what goes around, comes around”. Good or bad. (How does this explain bad things happening to good people?)

How does karma work: I don’t HOW it works, I just know it does. Kind of like people milking the system generation after generation without getting caught; I don’t know how they do it, but they do. (What??? That is one forced explanation.)

Give me an example of karma at work:
Give me an example of karma at work from your personal experience:
Tim accidentally pocketed some Tums at a convenience store, the next day he went back to pay for them.  The owner was so stunned by his honesty he now has free drinks for life. (What happened to his original theft?)

I didn’t give back the “extra” change even though I knew better, the next week some glitch at the bank had wiped out my account and had frozen it for 2 weeks.  KARMA

If karma works, why are there jails? Jails exist because too many people lack conscience and those dumbshits gotta sleep somewhere, I guess. (If the universe deals with this, why invest the time and money?)

What proof is there of karma? Karma has been proven throughout history all over the world. (Examples??) Fat cats, aristocrats, politicians, getting richer while the poor get poorer, hungrier and taxed,  Revolutions through different countries including this one prove Karma. (Revolutions are human acts. Choices of many. Usually to fight oppression.)

Are you sane? I may or may not be sane. Depends on who you ask and what YOUR definition of sanity is. 😉

Is there more proof of bigfoot or karma?  I think there’s more proof of Karma, but I’ve seen Bigfoot so…there you go.

  • From R to Lizzle:

Define ‘karma’: I believe that Karma is a higher power that rules the universe to keep us all in check. You may call it God, Allah, Buddah, etc., but it is mother nature’s way of teaching us life lessons. (Interesting definition)

How does karma work: You get what you put out into the world. Put negative thoughts/actions/emotions out, and that will come back to you. Same goes for positive. It is not a flawless system, though. (So it doesn’t work, I take it. That means that the higher power that rules the universe does not, rule the universe and is not omnipotent?)

Give me an example of karma at work: An easy example: You hold the door for someone struggling with their children or a heavy load and smile at them and say hello. Offer help. They may decline, but you taking notice of that person (who just may be having a very bad day- or life for that matter), made them feel special in that ONE moment. And it was that ONE moment that made them realize that they are special. You took time out of your day  to show that you cared and that made all of the difference. That person, maybe not that day, usually returns the kindness that you bestowed upon them to someone else in a simple gesture.  (That doesn’t explain the part where it “..will come back to you”. What happens if you DON’T do it?)

Give me an example of karma at work from your personal experience: When I was president of the senior honor society at University of Northern Colorado, I gave the assignment to the members that on that day, they had to do something nice for someone they did not know. Greet someone with a smile. Offer help. Compliment them. Anything. Especially pick out people who looked down or unhappy or who weren’t walking with anyone. Report back to me what happened. The results were amazing the next week. Every time those people saw the person that “helped” them, they lit up and said hello first, or waved or said something kind. (If you’re nice or mean to people, they respond in kind. Not sure how that’s karma at work)

If karma works, why are there jails? Karma only works to an extent (Things work or they don’t work). What you put out comes back tenfold (Not in the examples you gave me!). If you kill someone, I think it is rather hard for “Karma” to teach you a lesson other than imprisoning you and taking away your freedom of choice (So being sentenced IS karma?). Some people are hopelessly lost in themselves and are so selfish that there really is NO hope for them to begin with. This is where Karma cannot help someone by teaching them a lesson, so to say. They have to be punished to the full extent of the law, and as statistics show, even that “rehabilitation” does not work.

What proof is there of karma? There is no proof (Ah. Well, without proof there aren’t examples). It is something that you believe in, just like God or hope or any other thing (like wishing on a star). I can tell you that after my ex husband beat me multiple times, that he got most of what of he deserved. Hardship, loneliness, bankruptcy, loss of faith in love, loss of friendships, etc. Could that have happened anyway? Possibly, but I don’t think so. He didn’t learn his lesson the first time, and so he was shown a lesson from his own selfish behavior.

Are you sane? Define sane. I think I am a rather stable adult with an enlightened mindset and a killer sixth sense that warns me away from people that are not good for me. (I mostly agree)

Is there more proof of bigfoot or karma? You just asked me about proof of Karma above, duh. As for bigfoot, I have only watched a few shows so I cannot readily comment on it, but I know there is plenty out there that we do NOT know. (There’s plenty that we don’t know, but there’s plenty that we think we know too. And the answer is: There’s more ‘proof’ of bigfoot)


Give me your damn input!

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