I’m not entirely certain what prompted this one.

I recall now! Let me share a few of the oddities I have around here. They all amuse me to some degree.


These pictures from the around the house started with this. At some point in time I read the benefits of drinking lemon water. Now, I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, but I decided to do it. I realized that I had sliced lemons beforehand so that I could just drop the lemon into my glass as I pour a glass of water (I drink water often). I also realized that when I put things in plastic bags, I have the habit of squeezing all the air out of the bags.


I had a long evening on this Friday and it was also the day I have to go on a jog (I alternate days). I don’t usually run at 7:00 PM, but I didn’t want to skip a day. I set all my things aside on my bed and took a photo for my Instagram. I realized I even had to line up the reflectors to match without really thinking about it prior to leaving.


This one isn’t as bad as it used to be, but it’s still bad. Upon a brief look it doesn’t seem too bad. A closer look shows you that all hangers face the same direction. The shirts are organized from left to right: tank tops, sleeveless, tees, polos, sweaters, jackets. In the past I made it worse by also doing it by color as well.


The lower section of my closet is organized in a similar fashion with all hangers facing the same way. This is organized: denim, slacks, button up shirts. This used to be organized by colors too.


The side part of my closet has my wife beaters. They are folded the same way, face the same way and usually are organized by color.


This is the brief look of my DVD collection. This is organized in alphabetical order. Maybe that’s not a big deal.


This is what I call my “ugly underwear” drawer. These are the ones I wear when I know nobody will see them (which is pretty much my life currently). All are folded in the same way and face the same direction. Stored in 2-column, 3-rows.


Just one of the trays in my bathroom. I almost rolled the measuring tape but I stopped myself. I noticed the extra soap organized neatly and the wipes stacked up very neatly, facing the same way in the corner.


My sock drawers made me laugh. They look like they’re all facing the same way, but they’re not. The ankle socks actually alternate. One faces up, one faces down. By chance all the top row are facing the same way for the picture or maybe I reach for the next one to even it out, I don’t know.


This is what I call my “good underwear” drawer. These are the ones I wear normally and always when someone may see them (which is never in my current sexless life). All underwear must be folded in the same way, facing the same way and stored in 2-columns, 3 rows.


Certain glasses that don’t get used very often are stored here. Usually they’re better organized by my nephew has been using them. These are usually organized by type.


It doesn’t seem very neat, but I noticed my toilet paper stacked up. I realized that I could squeeze more into each tray, but hadn’t as I wanted it to fit properly.


These are the natural supplements I use. I laughed because I have my pill box to remind me if I have taken them and that all 3 bottles are lined up next to each other with the labels facing the same way.

( * I now was amused enough to go through my Instagram to see if I could spot something else * )


This was the organization of my meatballs prior to putting them in the oven. I’m surprised I managed to put two on the side, but I guess I had no option as I try to make them all the same size.


This is another meal I fixed myself. It appears to be a little too organized.


This is what a set of pens on my desk look like at home (and my employees never understood why I would be upset when they moved things at work).


This is what my bed looked like as I prepared to return to Miami from Virginia. This is me organizing to pack.


Part of my Dean Koontz book collection.


Sometimes I cook in advance and this is what my fridge looks like. I usually would have two sections (since this is convenient for work). There’s one for food and one for snack. You grab two snack ones (breakfast, snack) and one food for lunch.



I mow my lawn in lines from the front of the house all the way to the back – and then return to do it over again.

  1. don o. says:

    wow, is that the palm tree I “imported” from Puerto rico? it looks HUGE. by the way, you could feel a great sense of freedom if you could let go of your need to organize stuff to such a degree.

    • sirtilc42 says:

      Yes. That’s the palm tree. And I’m sure I could feel better if I didn’t organize the way I do, but it’s nothing something I do consciously. It just kind of “happens.”

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