Product Number 3

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Well, what do you know?

I felt great scratching out another “product.”

Years ago I found myself unemployed. During conversation a friend offered me a job in a Home Owner’s Association. The job didn’t pay well, but it was income so I readily accepted. The idea had been that it was a temporary job until I found something else. For a while I applied like crazy and nothing happened.

I wound up staying in the same job for about 3 years before accepting a promotion. Eventually the unethical immoral and bullying behavior of a new regional director led me to resign nearly 5 years in. During this time I made an attempt to receive my Licensed Community Association Manager license with the state, but failed (in all fairness I didn’t study nearly as much as I should have).

I reached out to several places (and interviewed with some) whom were interested in hiring me, but only could place me in positions where a license was required. They handed me their business cards and told me to contact them once I got it. It sort of fell to the wayside.

The period of time to take the test expired as you have one year from taking the course to successfully taking the test. I re-took the course and studied sporadically. With pressure from The Oracle I scheduled my test feeling unprepared. This morning I woke up, made the prerequisite coffee and went to fail my test. If only I had one more week.

Once you arrive they ask you to turn off your phone and empty your pockets (and even lift your pants for them to see your ankles for some reason). I thought they were going to ask me to bend over and search for contraband. I began my test. Half an hour in, a phone alarm goes off in the lockers where all the personal items are stored. Who was it? It was me, of course. Turns out that a phone in vibrate still rings alarms. I was greeted with this.


I don’t know why I have that alarm since I barely sleep and I’m always up far earlier than this. I did, however, follow my own instructions. Upon completion of the test I violated the rules and stood up to try to get the attention of the front desk people. Amused, they explained I didn’t need to stand up (you’re not supposed to) as there are cameras all over. I turned to find more cameras on  the ceiling than in the series Lost.

At the desk I was given a printout to sign and the words “Exam Results: Passed” were listed. I read it a few times before it hit me – I had passed it. I had one more item to scratch off. I’m now in the process of updating my resume to reflect this and sending it out to the contacts I have. I’m absolutely thrilled to have finally gotten this and although it may appear too optimistic, I anticipate a few interviews in the very, very near future. I only have 3 more Products on my note card to scratch off.

I would love to write more, but pardon me while I go update my resume and email it to every place I can find…. On to the next.

  1. don o. says:

    I did something like that with a couple of my pilot certification ground school tests. no worry, tho, I can still fly purty good.

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